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RE: First grade

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Sears, Ellen (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:13:00 -0400

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Several years ago, I had all of my elementary students for 60 minutes a
week. Our school has grown so much that now I am down to 40 minutes
for elementary. What a frustrating time - I would rather have students
that are 'finished' early than students that are crying because they
aren't finished. (Even if it is to be carried over for to the next week
- they just haven't had enough time.)

I have always had a set of shelves by the door ('free time' shelves) and
an area taped off on the floor. For the past several years I have had
building sets/manipulatives on the shelves. I have several things in my
room from my math classes: pattern blocks, polyhedrons (wonderful for
creating geometric solids, they are the sturdiest building materials I
have had - they snap together and are hinged) octa clips/octa hinges
(you can use these with any cardboard, mat board pieces. They clip onto
the cardboard and then clip to each other... you can make the cardboard
a couple of inches, or a foot) googleplex (like K-nex) -. I have foam
squares that someone has brought in too - so the things I have don't
have to be bought. We used to use the time for building and
construction (tape, staplers, glue and paper clips) - I had one boy that
made a glove with different finger attachments - and it was all out of
white copy paper and paper clips (he was in the second grade).
...Straws, pipe cleaners and modeling clay. Sometimes the big items
could stay for a day - with other classes adding on - but it was never

Good luck,
Ellen Sears
Anchorage, KY

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