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Re: grading for elem Art PLEASE HELP !!

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Sun, 7 Sep 1997 17:54:51 -0400 (EDT)

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I teach grades K - 5, on a cart, in three different schools, for about 900
students total. Grading is a challenge! What I do is for each project I
break it down into just a few parts that I will grade. I usually tell the
students ahead of time what I will be looking for. I give each project
anywhere from 1 - 6 grades, for example I might grade:
(1) did they follow directions?
(2) neatness
(3) was the concept taught portrayed correctly in artwork?
(4) creativity
Sometimes I will grade different steps of the project seperately.

For each item I use this scale:
zero - incomplete
check minus - poor
check - o.k.
check plus - good
plus - excellent

I came up with this method for a few reasons:
1) I don't like letter grades because the kids who care about grades (not all
kids do) worry more about grades than they do aobut making art. (I wish we
didn't have to grade at all.) The checks and pluses make it sem a little
less important.

2) I had a hard time grading a project that was very sloppy but the kid
followed direcitons, or that the kid's work was beautifully done but he
didn't understand the concept... I wanted to give credit where it was due,
and have a record of weaknesses, then as time goes by patterns can be seen
and intelligent remarks about progress can be made. With the quantity of
students I have it is hard to be personal.

I hope this makes sense and helps. It isn't perfect, but neither is my
situation. I'd be interested to hear how other teachers do their grades.

:) Laura Allan

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