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Re: Class Rules Elementary

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Sat, 6 Sep 1997 16:53:33 -0700 (PDT)

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I teach Art grades 1-5 , two different schools. Last few yrs 1-6. I use the
first class to get to know the students and to define my ART ROOM RULES. This
is very important, the students will get used to your rules and your style.
It's a lot harder if you're on the cart, and you go into their classroom, but
your rules hold precidence when you are in charge.(ie teaching them for that
period of time. These are the rules they work with grades 1-6 very well. as
the year progresses you might feel the need to ease up on the raising hand
for bathroom or sharpener necessities.But at the beginning hold firm.Adding
WE WILL to the beginning of each rule involves you in the rules and gives
them the idea that the are controlling their own actions.
1.Raise your hand to ask or answer
2.Stay in your seat to get the job done. (I explain that the job is to do
Art, or look at Art, or talk about a work of Art, or meet someone who is an
actually an Artist for a living, or to see videos about art!)The job is
listed somewhere in the room.
3. Keep your body to yourself.(I explain that there is no reason for ANYONE
to be touching anyone in this room, so that if I see them touching, elbow
fighting etc. I know that they are breaking the rules.
4.Share supplies and ideas.(This avoids the he copied my ideas arguments.)
5.Speak in a "classroom voice".
6.Respect OUR room
respect OUR supplies
respect each other.
Consequences of rule breaking:
B:Time-out (at a special area, they must fill out a sheet that is to be
signed and returned by the parents. This really works!) non writers do it
verbally and I fill it out with them after or if possible during class.
C:Call home.
D:Involve the Principal.
Throwing things, fighting, foul language or blatant disrespect (really
abusive stuff), you bypass A and B and go straight for C and D.
They also know that any Art done under my supervision follows these criteria.
NO VIOLENCE (fighting and killing)
and NOTHING RUDE (no naked butts, or curse words)
after the first few weeks I don't even have to mention this one again thyey
know it will be thrown away or sent to the Principal. I use a lot of humor
and get quite silly they love it and it keeps their attention, with my
students but the rules always apply.
Hope that this helps , Chris Besack :)

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