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Re: Integration

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Numo Jaeger and Michael Miller (jaegmil)
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 22:04:07 -0400

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>I know that some teachers see art as a time filler. They are failing to
see the whole person in context of a complete life. I think that some of
these teachers you speak of are just seeing students in bits and pieces of
time and space.
>I think we need to think beyond "basic skills" and think in terms of whole
life skills.
>Watering down the art education? No way! Expand upon it. Go beyond the 4th
R. I'd like to see art education as the core to whole life learning.
>At 08:18 PM 9/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>I couldn't agree with you more. However, I am not sure that the typical
>>classroom or regular teacher shares your ideal or passion for what that
>>'salt map' can really be. Sure there are exceptions, I have known some
>>really wonderful regular classroom teachers who do understand.
>>Unfortunately though I have met more who see Art as merely a time
>>filler, a break for them and / or only see connections which are
>>subserviant to their own curriculum goals. Interconnectedness is most
>>definitely the way we learn best. I think though as art educators we
>>need to protect that the opportunity for art education will always be
>>there for children and young learners.... and not a watered down version
>>of a greater opportunity they should be entitled to as creative
>>In Art & Life,
>>Betti L.
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