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Drawing assignments

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James Nairne (
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 23:48:23 +0000

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We used these as sketchbook assignments in the spring and summer terms.
They are for 13 year olds up (UK year 9) and are all from observation
unless otherwise stated. 40 mins minimum of time needed. Hope these

1. Evidence of Spring:
A pencil drawing tinted with colour.

2. A small man-made object (eg a set of keys)
Draw with dots only, varying their size and spread to create tone. Draw
at least twice ‘sight size’.

3. Research one English landscape Artist (eg Turner, Constable)
Make a drawn study of one painting (preferably in colour) and write
about why you think the painting is effective. (2 X 40 mins)

4. A slice of your bedroom. Make a tonal drawing that is at least 4
times higher than it is wide, that represents a vertical slice of the
view from your table/desk/seat, from ceiling to floor.

5. Take a phrase or sentence from a poem and work up an illustrative
interpretation in black plus one colour only. Any appropriate media,
including computer graphics, maybe used.

6. 2 studies of your hand in different positions.
Drawn in line only with a sharp pencil or ink pen. (look at David
Hockney ink drawings)

7. 2 figure studies where two or more figures overlap. (ie a group of
figures) NB from observation.


1. Two very different tree silhouettes – A botanist should be able to
recognise the species.

2. Make three drawings (as listed) in colour. The drawings to fill an A4
i A wrapped sweet
ii The same sweet half unwrapped
and iii half eaten

3. A darkened room, seated figures emerge from the gloom. (TV Room?).
Cover at least 80% of the paper surface with pencil or charcoal pencil .

4. Two shoes (not a pair) in watercolour or gouache.

5. A tonal drawing of a small object with a reflective surface (eg spoon
or scissors) enlarged at least 2X

James Nairne

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