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Re: Integration

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Numo Jaeger and Michael Miller (jaegmil)
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 09:44:19 -0400

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Hello Fellow Art Educators,

The need and value of interconnectedness is dealt with in an interesting
and elegant fashion in a film called "Mindwalk" based on the book by
F.Capra called, "The Turning Point".

The movie spoke of the need for co evolvement. How it is imperative to
stop and reevaluation what is really important.

Why not have both salt maps and creative mind maps?

If art educators pushed for more in service programs which helped teach
other subject teachers the value and incredible power of art as a tool in
their classroom wouldn't the awareness and value of art become more
obvious. Students Would learn more and students Would enjoy themselves more
while doing the learning. The love of learning being the goal.

Are salt maps art? Some salt maps might be "fine art". Most Salt maps are a
craft art...craftsmanship is an valuable concept to teach. A project done
well has value. A job done well has value. If art educators elicited the
assistance of other subject teachers to promote the arts we could raise the
consciousness of everyone in the process. Art and science, art and math,
art and language, art and philosophy, art and sports education...The arts
might finally take their rightful place in the field of education.
Educating the whole person. Art as the benign single vision.

Will other subject teachers be able to teach "art"? Ultimately I think the
answer to that is "no". They don't have the skills or the extensive
background that art educators have.. but they need the awareness. Art
teachers could serve as resource people in the school not just in the
limited capacity of classroom teacher.

Art teachers will be the educators with the fine tuned abilities to help
students acquire skills and help develop students own aesthetic awareness
along with a myriad of other skills...

If we could really acknowledge each others value as human beings despite
the superficial differences, if we could acknowledge the value of each
subject area, if we could acknowledge the value of educating a whole
healthy people, we might make some effective global changes.

The artist has always played the role of visionary...More work? Yes, but
being the leader is always "more work".

...just some thoughts after seeing the movie...

Numo Jaeger

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