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re: sketchbook ideas/list

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These are from the list - February 97.

"I teach art to 1-6 grades and have the students start each art class by
having them draw, look at a painting, answer a question all related to
art to put in their art notebooks for the first 5 min. or more before I
start a class.

I have used: 1. list 10 things a color such as red reminds you of. 2.
Look at Van Gogh's bedroom. What objects are paired? When you look at
this painting do you get the impression that the artist was a happy
person with many friends? Why? What kind of mood has he created? 3. Draw
your greatest fear. 4. When do you get angry and why? Draw a picture
yourself with an angry expression. 5. Draw things that float. 6. Draw
things with wheels. 7. Draw things that roll. 8. Draw things that close.
9. Draw things that come from eggs. 10. Be an ant- describe and draw
what you would see. 11. If you had a candy bar named after you,what
it look like and what would it be called? 12. If I had been a pilgrim,
would have looked like this. 13. If you were a flower, what kind would
you be? Draw a picture of youself as this flower. 14.Express in a
your happiest moment in the past year. 15. Express in a drawing
something you are good at. 16. If I could be any color, I'd
be____because........17. Draw a picture of something you'd like to
better at. 18. Using any type of line or shape, create a picture with
only the 3 primary colors.

!. What is art?
2. Self-portrait?
3. Draw your window.
4. A Value scale. Still life useing as many of the greys as you can.
5. Design your own bedroom ( a floor plan)
6. What would you put in that room, where would you put it, how would
put it.
7. Think of three different animals. Draw the head of one, the body of
the second one, and the legs of the third one. Name it.
8. Camoflauge something (a bug on a leaf, you in your room, a lizard on
by texture or color.
9. Draw yourself screaming.
10. Sequence drawings. A vampire turning into a bat and flying away,
three frogs playing leap frog and the last one falls into a hole, flower
growing. These are great later in a zoetrope or a flip book format,
animation on a computer.
11. Draw yourself at 16 years old, 30 and 80 years old. Tryptich (sp?)
12. Draw the silliest thing you ever saw.
13. Draw someone picking something up.
14. Draw the Thinker as an animal.
15. Distort something. A short fat pencil. A glue bottle the thickness
and lenght of a pencil. A ruler made with curved lines ( not a bad
Great for adjectives. You could start by students listing adjectives adn
then pick two + and object and draw what it might look like. Kind of
visual "MadLib"."


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