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Re: music and talking

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kprs (kprs)
Mon, 01 Sep 1997 21:27:07 -0700

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I live by the rule of "do unto others" especially in teaching....I can
not shut up in real life, so I can not imagine a totally quiet art
room...but I will say I am heard saying to kids "oooohhhhhhh I LOVE IT
when you talk ART", to encourage talking about art and making aesthetic
decisions about their work...I also allow kids to find quiet corners to
work on their pieces because in our discussions about what art is and
isn't we come to the conclusion that it is rarely a "team sport", and
that ultimately the artist creates alone, but never in a void.

As for music in the room...I always control the volume, and use the
radio as an effective discipline tool...will be heard at least a dozen
times a year saying "if you don't lower that radio I will toss it out
the window" and which point they look at me as if I am nuts, because a)
it's my radio and b) we are on the roof, and the roof is about 6" below
the window. Seriously though, if they drive me nuts changing the
channel, I simply and very dramatically I might add, "rip" the cord out
of the wall, and declare to the class, "you might as well sing that tune
in your heads, because we won't have a radio until you can work it out"
and then I don't let them have the radio for about 3 days...end of
discussion, and they DO WORK IT OUT....and ultimately that is what life
is least according to me and my art room!

My fondest memories of music in the art room is when I ran open studio
times afterschool about 15 years ago, and we had a turntable (remember
those?) and a set of speakers set up in the class, and about 15 of us,
afterschool, were throwing on the potters' wheels singing on top of our
voices to THE CARS(remember them) was magical, and the kids and I
just laughed and sang with clay up to our necks!!!

San D

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