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Sketchbook assignments

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 18:59:55 -0500

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I've been failed to find a post from last year in which an ArtsEdNetter
listed some great sketchbook assignment ideas. However, the following is a
list assignments. Some I've written myself and some I've borrowed. I've
successfully used them with younger grades as assignments for those who
have finished their regular art class work. If you recognize any of them
and can identify any sources, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for suggestions for middle school sketchbook
assignments which include more observational drawings.

1. An alien spaceship has landed in the schoolyard. Draw a picture of it.
2. High in the Himalayan Mountains lives an abominable snowperson. Draw
what the snowperson look like.
3. You have made a startling discovery while skin diving! Draw what it is!
4. Have you ever been to the circus? Draw a picture of your favorite act,
with yourself as the ringmaster!
5. Draw a picture of your Mother or Father at work.
6. Draw a picture of your shoe, overlapping three different views on the
same page.
7. Draw a picture of your pet.
8. Fill a page with drawings of bugs, sea shells, or something you collect.
9. Draw a family member or a friend from memory.
10. Draw a picture of yourself as you think you might look in ten years.
11. Have you ever had a daydream instead of doing your work? Draw a picture
of a daydream.
12. Draw a picture of your house and yard, then draw a big dinosaur in the yard!
13. What is the best story your grandparents tell about the old days? Draw
a picture of it.
14. Draw a picture of your favorite part about school.
15. What does your dream car look like?
16. What does the bogeyman look like?
17. If you could cast a magic spell, what would it be? Draw a picture of it.
18. The famous American Pop artist Andy Warhol said, "Everyone will have at
least fifteen minutes of fame in their lifetime." Illustrate your fifteen
minutes of fame.
19. A new musical group has asked you to design a CD cover for them that
illustrates their music. Be sure that your design is original and does not
use any other group's images!
20. Draw a picture of your dream house. You are rich, so include anything
you want in this house.

You folks have been so great with suggestions, so I'd love to see more
ideas posted to this list!


Mark Alexander
1-8 Art on the Cart
Lee H. Kellogg School
Falls Village, Connecticut 06031

"We are healthy only to the extent
that our ideas are humane."
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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