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Re: multicultural ed. in art

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Diane Gregory (dianegregory)
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 17:07:14 -0600

ELENI53 wrote:
> I believe a good, solid art education (design principles and elements,etc) is
> being sacrificed by an emphasis on art education within
> least we had to go this route in our school district
> in order to keep art iinstruction in K-6 education. It was go via
> multicultural art or little support for the visual arts at all.
> 'Leni

Dear Leni

I would like to hear more about why you are feeling that your art program is being
compromised because of an emphasis upon multi-culturalism. I am confused. I
think we might all learn from your perspective.

It sounds like you are not happy about the changes you are expected to make and
that somehow multi-cultturalism is interfering in your ability to teach the design
elements and principles which you value very highly.

Could you be more specific and share with the rest of the group? I am not quite
sure what you mean by multiculturalism or how focusing on multi-culturalism could
take away from the elements and principles.

Regardless of the culture the art represents, would you agree that the elements
and principles of art are applicable?

But maybe I am not understanding what you are saying. Are you saying that giving
the historical or cultural background about a particular work of art, is taking away from
instruction timeon the elements and principles? If so, consider how information
about the cultural background of a piece provides important information about how
and why the elements of design are being used.

I know this is a sensitive topic and I would appreciate a thoughful, non-threatening,
sensitive discussion by everyone who responds.

Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Art Education
Art Education and Technology Specialist
Department of Art & Design
Southwest Texas State University
San Marcos, TX  78666