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RE: "incentives" / "crits"

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 13:09:29 -0700

As a kindergarten teacher I know the value of an incentive (reward)
system!! (But I guess that's not just "K", huh?) <VBG>

I don't like candy to reward kids, either. At center time if the
kids have behaved appropriately they are given a few (10?) Fruit Loops etc.
If they have not, they don't. If they have followed directions about their
task they get a star on it. If not, they don't. (Kind of like content and
presentation grades.)
At the end of the day if a child has not acted out all day he/she
gets a small happy face sticker on his hand (or cheek, or forehead, or nose
- whereever) to take to his mom. Most kids get these every day and giving
it is so special. An individual little love pat. Many parents look for them
so that we are working together toward the goal of learning appropriate
classroom behavior.

The kids who don't get them are given a reminder why and hints as to
how to avoid the trouble tomorrow.

There are some details I have not included in this post, but generally
this has worked for several years now. I anticipate using it for many more.

It's a take-off from Cantor's (?) "Assertive Discipline."

Per "crits". Yes!! I use them. I have 4 - 6 kids (always
volunteers) bring their work up to the front at the same time. I tell how
they met the objedtive (Did they use all the colors in the box? Did they
use different kinds of lines? How, where? etc) Then kids in audience tell
one good thing about each work. ("I like John's sky lines" "I like Sue's
flowers.") It's kept pretty brief. Based on DBAE and California Visual and
Performing Arts Frameworks.

Anyway,I just joined, looks neat! This is my first post. I get my
mail digest.

I am also a mentor art teacher for my elementary district (K-6)so
will appreciate all posts.

"See" you later!!! :)

Becky Alexander
Porterville, Ca.


>> In response to Joanne L Vanbezooyen,
>> I have an observation on a special education art class. While
>> working with a student, I, as the art specialist and teacher heard a
>> teacher aid reprimand another student for his lack of participation and
>> general unacceptable behavior. The assistant said " Well, there goes your
>> M & M treat!" It did not seem acceptable that to me that a student should
>> be rewarded for behavior with a treat, let alone with candy! Any thoughts
>> from anyone on this? Kathy Black

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