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Re: Art/Music or maybe Philos.

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Nancy B Knutsen (art.k5)
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:27:22 EDT

Sandra responded to Mark Joyce's practice in art and music touched this
response in me. I'm afraid that if you what a more through connection
than this I couldn't.

I took the DBAE Hands & Minds class this summer and last ( that's how I
heard about this list). I have NO other formal exposure to AE, little to
AC, and loved AH (but couldn't get enough). I never referred to myself as
an artist until I completed my first summer of DBAE (now, this is not a
DBAE sales pitch, that could be another topic, another day). I feel the
"wholeness" of DBAE clarified things for me. Instead of saying, "well,
that's just how I work". I can say, " My work is my own style because it
comes from my own experiences. Instead of photo-realism (my scientific
fathers idea of what good art is), I painted and sculpted with a freer
and more expressive hand and mind which was in response to the influences
I have had (not my scientific critic). I have in fact, been able to have
him understand his "creative side" as a scientist and weekend (but
excellent) carpenter through many conversations.

It also, lead me to this belief of art education. I see my teaching (at
this point and in this given conversation) as a facilitator of ideas of
this time (Hedonistic, Memetic, Feminist, Expressionist, etc.), sharing
ideas of the past (why artist did what they did, what it meant to the
world,etc.). Then students make educated opinion of what art is TO THEM
and what THEY would want it to be for THEIR future (even their
children, grandchildren, etc.) And ultimately the great evaluators (time
and context or culture) will decide if their decision is withstanding
(which is longer lasting than an art teachers two cents) . In this sense
a student is working for the their future not a grade or a set criteria.
A student can raise great arguments or support for him/herself as a
artist. If an argument is well thought out, based on knowledge, I can
accept it even if I don't like it or may not agree with it, or I feel it
is not where the future "should" be headed. Time and culture will have
the final word.
So, I try to keep my " teaching authority in tacked". There are so many
ways for art to work ---Let each student find or create their own.

Please do not mistake this for someone who will accept anything ans has
no standards , for that is not at all true. Criticism is always welcome,
that's how I learn---but, please be kind.

I Hope I somewhat kept to the topic at any rate it is Philos. which has
be put out there.