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Re: discrimination

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Sears, Ellen (
Wed, 25 Sep 96 15:23:00 PDT

Discrimination -

I remember always being told in college those who can do, and those who
can t teach. Then the professors would tell me I was wasting my time going
into education (think about it, what were they doing? Unless of course they
never thought about themselves as ?teachers in the first place - which
explains a lot!)

The in high school it was a double barrel - my math instructors told me art
was a dead end, ?business teachers said I should concentrate on my typing
skills (I m a female by golly!)... and don t concentrate on math -

But the best was at a year long math training. We had to apply to attend and
people couldn t believe that an art teacher would take up valuable space. One
of the group leaders called me at home and asked me not to mention that I was
an art teacher - people were offended. I was tempted to drop out - but
stayed in and try to broaden some narrow minds. I believe that I was
successful. The instructor apologized. But at the end of the training he
told a ? moving story - if he ever mentioned what he did for a living -
teaching teacher s how to teach math - he always felt that people thought less
of him. So I asked him where I was on the scale. Geez!!

So were am I on the hierarchy of being? Thank goodness at least I wasn't a
theater person!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!