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Beth Kanter (kanter)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 14:17:11 -0400

Hello All!

My name is Beth Kanter and I am the Network Coordinator for Arts Wire, a
program of the New York Foundation for the Arts. I've been monitoring this
list since last May and have found the discussions very inspiring and the
information valuable!

I also thought you all might be like to participate in a project I'm working
on. I am conducting an online panel on Arts Wire's SpiderSchool
Conference on the subject of "Web-based Arts and Education projects."
You can read a description of the panel on the SpiderSchool Web site
( or email me at
kanter and I'll send you a description.

I want to extend the discussion and learning beyond Arts Wire's membership
via email, posting to listservs, and face-to-face panel sessions that I'll
be participating in next month. So, I would like to invite those of you
on this list to contribute your thoughts to the panel. You can respost to
the list or send them directly to me. Have you incorporated the
Web/Internet into any of your programs? Are you thinking about doing so?
If so, would you be willing to respond to the questions below.

Based on the discussion, I will publish an edited transcript on the Web (on
SpiderSchool) and will cross post to this list. I am also writing an
article for the New York Foundation For the Arts (FYI) (Arts Wire is a
program of NYFA) and will use some of the information in a Internet nuts and
bolts training session that I'm co-leading for arts educators in New York
State at the end of the month.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Beth Kanter

1. What do you think are the benefits to arts educators, students, and
others of a Web-based or Internet component for an arts and education program?

2. What are the key design considerations for implementing an online arts
education project with a Web component?

3. How are planning, designing, and implementing online arts education
programs different from doing offline arts education programs? What skills,
knowledge, or experience can be easily translated from offline programs to
online programs?

4. If an arts organization/artists who has experience working on school
programs and experienced with building Web pages, what context information
(can be on the Web or offline resource) would be most useful to them as a
starting point?

5. What are some of the best existing examples of Web-based arts and
education programs (please feel free to describe your own program and
include your url)?

* What worked best about your project/program? Share your success stories.

* What would you improve?

* What advice would you offer to others planning to implement an arts and
education project with a Web-based component?

Beth Kanter Arts Wire Network Coordinator kanter