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Special Needs Students

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Kathleen McCrea (kwmccrea)
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 21:50:47 -0500

I just finished reading Shelley's remarks about Special Needs Students,
and it touched a nerve ending with me, too. In Kansas we have a lot of
Special Education students. I have had many who are in need of Special
programs and benefit from them, BUT..... I think the Special Education
program has sort of turned into the welfare system of public schools.
The intent is great, but it has gone over the edge. We have small pupil
teacher ratios for special ed students and special ed teachers, but we
mainstream almost all of these kids into "the least restrictive
environment" which is almost invariably art. In these art classes we
have a traditional (not special ed) pupil/teacher ratio, but we are
supposed to be able to accommodate these students in regular sized
classes. Why are we spending all the extra money for special ed
teachers when the kids are mainstreamed into regular ed classes? It
seems like anyone in the "outside/normal" world would consider this
nuts! Then we are supposed to come up with special work (in many cases
the do nothing or semi-do nothing approach). I think this enables these
kids to fail. I wish we would keep special ed for physically
handicapped and disturbed kids and put all the money for the rest back
into regular ed. classes. The art, music, and p.e. classes tend to have
all of these students. In no way do I mean to demean Special Ed students
because many of my favorite students come from this program, but the
program and system supporting it in an attempt to comply with the
multitude of mandates from "on high" needs to be totally overhauled.
Ok, so I got this out of my system!
Kay McCrea
Wichita, Kansas
P.S. Sorry I called Terry Barrett "She"; I stand corrected. I guess
gender doesn't play too big a part in ideas on the net, right?

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