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"special needs" students

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Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:34:46 -0400

Hi all!
I am in my 4th week of student teaching and am wondering what other educators
think of students that are labeled "special needs students". At the school
where I am teaching students with that label are basically left to do what
they want to do. As long as they are in class and aren't disruptive
everything is okay. I have a hard time just seeing them sit there not doing
anything. I am sooooo frustrated with their attitude and excuses of why they
can't work. Some just don't care and just want to sit there and do nothing.
Every time I mention this to my co-teacher he points out that they are a
"special needs student" and that it's okay for them to sit and do nothing.
Some of them never hand in work and the teacher gives those students extra
time to finish, but how can they finish if they just sit in class. I thought
part of what school did for those who for whatever reason are unable to learn
at a normal or average rate was to teach them responsibility. These students
seem to be babied. What will happen to them out in the "real world" when
their boss won't take excuses or give them extra time. It's not just in my
art classes but throughout the whole school and I've seen it in other schools
as well. Having been a "special needs" child at one time I know that they are
able to do more and it is really frustrating seeing them do less than they
I'm just curious what other teachers think about this problem and any
suggestions on how you handle students who do nothing.

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