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Re: artsednet-digest V1 #299

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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:55:51 -0700 (PDT)

>Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 21:39:15 -0500
>Subject: Re: artsednet-digest V1 #299
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>>Hi Sinde and everyone else on this list!
>>I have been reading the messages from the last few months and
>>I was just about to send an invitation to all interested in joining
>>a project with 1-8 students using Internet I am just starting.
>>The idea is to have teachers and their students interact discussing
>>the ideas set for the project and then have a integrated work during this
>>coming semester. We plan to have kids exchange their work.
>>I am even planning to use CuSeeMe for on line interaction.
>>This is part of my doctorate studies in Computers in Education.
>>By the way I am art teacher and have been working with computers
>>in art classes for the last 8 years. It would be really
>>intersting to have these kids interact with sites outside the
>>country. We live in the south of Brazil.
>>So, this invitation is to you all. I am willing to get
>>some e-mail and homepage addresses of people interested in joining the
>>Sinde, I have written some papers on how to use computers in art classes.
>>In case you are interested send me your e-mail and
>>I will forward some that are in English to you.
>>Maria Cristina Biazus
>>Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
>Currently my classroom is not connected to the internet, but the
>possibility of getting phone lines installed grows ever closer. I would
>love to get involved in the "cuseeme" and other projects you have
>planned, as soon as wiring is in place. Keep in touch! Thanks, Terry
>Terry Gibbons

We have internet capablility and we are very interested in this project.
What we don't have is a homepage. Do we need one to participate?

Jann M Gallagher
Euclid City Schools