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Re: Computer Integration>long post

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maria cristina v. biazus (cbiazus)
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:46:28 -0200

>Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 01:25:32
>To: art.k5 (Nancy B Knutsen)
>From: "maria cristina v. biazus" <cbiazus>
>Subject: Re: Computer Integration>long post
>At 03:06 12/09/96 EDT, you wrote:
>>I teach K-5. I have 3 apple IIGS's in my room (by luck). I am doing the
>>following with my 2nd Graders.
>>1. Demo to the class mirror option and discuss symmetrical and masks.
>>2. Students Create their own outline (contour) of a head. They can make
>>many on the screen and print the one they like the best.
>>3. They then take this image and cut a large version of the head out of
>>construction paper.
>>4. Students then add features, decoration with organic and geometrical
>>shapes. Symmetrical is reinforced here by cutting two shapes out at the
>>same time.
>>The students love this lesson and the results are great. Students can get
>>3-d as well. Three students at a time are on the computer so it takes a
>>few lessons before everyone has a computer image so I have another
>>assignment going on at the same time. Also, students can add colored
>>pencil to the computer printout which can look quite nice if you print
>>out in color.
>>I had teacher commision a student to create a graphic which the teachers
>>could use with printshop etc. We made a booklet with the graphics so that
>>teachers could refer to it and choose their graphic as well as others.
>>This helps the students understand that their is an artist somewhere
>>"drawing" all of these graphics which people just pull up on a computer
>>and print out. This of course leads right into AE discussion: Is this
>>art? The printing process and is it an original etc.
>>Hope this helps,
>Please refer to my reply to Sinde about joining an art projcet
>with your students using Internet. I have sent an invitation to all.
>Maria Cristina Biazus