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Re: Philosophy for Curriculumn

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Alix Peshette (apeshet)
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 05:44:51 +0000

> Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 22:23:00 -0700
> From: "Kenneth L. Poos" <klpoos>
> To: artsednet
> Subject: Philosophy for Curriculumn

Sandy wrote:
> Our Art teachers have been just asked to write a philosophy for our
> Curriculumn Guide(which has not been established yet) for this Friday!!
> There are 6 of us in this district, one high school teacher(who doesn't
> know what is going on), two Junior High Art Teachers who do, and three
> elementary Art teachers (one which is me) the others are just biding
> their time and don't care one way or the other. I have my curriculum that
> I teach and the other elementary Art teachers are a hit and miss( they
> teach just to get paid and really don't teach what they are suppose to)
> My delima!!!! I know what should be put for the philosophy for
> Elementary Art education : Please tell me if this sounds alright:
> I seem to be the only one in Elementary art that really cares about
> their education. What I have so far (no in put from the other two) is::
> We would like as Elementary Art Teachers to foster originality, critical
> thinking and establish enduring aesthetic values.
> we would like to give repeated, gradually building experiences with a
> range of media, skills, and techniques, and to develop an understanding
> of the structure and the language of art.
> We would like to provide each lesson a basis for subsequent lessons.
> Our goal is to teach students to SEE and UNDERSTAND the aesthetic
> elements that give a work of art enduring beauty and meaning.
> We must ALL share a common Vocabulary and Understanding of the
> properties of art.
> As a teacher , what is your philosophy for your curriculumn??????
> Maybe your ideas would help me to establish more of my own!!!
> Please if you have any ideas on this subject would you please HELP!!
> Sandy Poos
> Dist.#187- grades 1-6
> Cahokia, Cahokia, Ill.

Dear Sandy;

Funny how we are all in the same boat at times. I have been
struggling within my own district VAPA committee to develop a
K-12 curriculum in the visual and performing arts, in the face of some
indifference from some colleagues. My recommendation? Get everyone
a copy of "National Standards for Arts Education; What every young American
should know and be able to do in the arts" It is a terrific document
with very specific content standards and student achievement
standards. It has lots of good language for writing a philosophy of
art for your district. And best of all, who can argue with a
"national" document? Order from: MENC Publications Sales, 1806
Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, CA 22091.

Another good document is the new "Visual and Performing Arts
Framework; for California Public Schools (K-12)." It has the benefit
of incorporating the national standards into the standard VAPA framework;
again with goals and examples of knowledge and skills. Order from:
California Department of Education
Bureau of Publications, Sales Unit
P.O. Box 271
Sacramento, CA 95812-0271

Using these two documents to craft your philosophy will give it a lot
of 'validity'! Good luck and keep plugging. The arts are part of
the CORE CURRICULUM and do have a framework like every other
important core subject!

Alix Peshette
VAPA Committee
Davis Joint Unified School District