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Re: geometric/organic

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Brian Foster (fozzie)
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 10:21:02 -0400

This posting is in reply to your quandary of "what is organic" in
reference to the
definition by Michael Delahunt in his enormous glossary of art terms. First
I will point out that in trying to reduce to simple terms, definitions of
ideas and concepts that bridge many disciplines is an enormous task,
especially when done in the manner Michael did it (by asking fellow
web-sters for submissions and providing them with updated versions of the
text to review). I presume this website is continually being updated
although his patience will wear thin if every definition is schematically
dissected (three blind men and an elephant). Maybe each definition should
have many links to alternate opinions so that the site can remain what it
is- a list of art terms and their accepted traditional use and definition
when applied to visual art. Anyone with an opinion or a desire to expound
on any word or definition could have a home page to focus on hairsplitting
and philosophical debate with unlimited verbosity hoping to find a soul mate
with whom to discuss the meaning of life.
While it is true that some of the definitions may be on shaky grounds
scrutinized by scientists, philosophers, clergymen, other fine arts
disciplines and
nitpickers in general (no offense intended), they are generally accepted for
use in the
general context of describing various art oriented phenomenon .
If you find unsettling the use of organic to describe free-form
artwork- try the word (Only in newest dictionaries)morph or morphic with any
real (or invented) prefix attached to suit the exact description, such as;
biomorph -ORGANIC? oh oh .... correction
Flowcurvoholefulbiomorph for a Henry Moore sculpture? EUREKA!! ZOUNDS!!
WATSON COME IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yours in controversy, Brian