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Re: Art Disciplines & Art Making

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Fri, 13 Sep 1996 17:52:00 -0400

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<< The recent discussions of art projects and activities have been
fascinating--your students are fortunate to be able to share your
creativity and wisdom--and it's very refreshing to me to hear about your
art-making strategies and techniques. I'm curious how you work in the
other art disciplines with these activities. I can imagine art history
connections, for example, with the recent clay whistle discussion. What
are some others?

Thanks for the enlightenment!

Kathy Talley-Jones
Getty Education Institute for the Arts
ktalleyjones >>

I guess I'm more interested in the thinking behind the question you ask? I
teach K-6 students for 45 minutes once a week in an art room. I guess I am
not an "observent DBAE" guy, in that my general take on things is that my
students spend so much of their school day talking, reading, writing and
generally dealing with words. In our art room, we make stuff. Now in the
course of making stuff, we do talk. And I certainly talk. I talk about things
I know about. How things came to be, as I understand them. And I encourage my
students to talk about what they know. Or ask questions. In other words, I
would like to think that our art room is an intellectually interesting place
to be, as well as a place to make stuff. Although, I think that making stuff
is intellectually challenging in its own right. I don't mean to pick nits,
but I have always thought that history, philosophy, aesthetics, criticism,
math, literature...were an inherent component of the art I make and the art
my students make. A part of it rather than something to make connections
with. It seems that in places like schools we talk about discreet
disciplines. Everywhere else its a wiggly mess.


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