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Math Tessellations

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Math Tessellations

Highland Tessellations

Tessellations A La Escher: An Introductory Unit Based on MECC's Tesselmania! software and the graphics of M.C. Escher

This unit was developed in conjunction with the Tesselmania! software program and the tessellations of M.C. Escher in order for students to realize the importance of mathematics in the art world. Tessellations are defined and investigated by students with the use of attribute blocks. Areas explored include regular versus semi-regular versus not semi-regular tessellations. Having mastered polygonal tessellations the elementary geometry of reflections, rotations, and symmetries are used to expand to Escher-type tessellations.

Students create their own Escher-type tessellation through the modification of a polygon to create a non-polygonaltessellating shape. Students may choose to have a specific object in mind and to modify the polygon until its contour resembles that object or to modify the sides of the polygon and interpret the resulting shape. The actual study of the various geometric transformations takes place via the Tesselmania! software program. For assessment purposes student products could be drawn by hand or on the computer.

Karen M. Stagge

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Highland would be interested in seeing any tessellations from other schools. Send Highland your tessellations and we may display them here. Send them attached to email or send them by snail mail and we will scan and display them.

Send to:

Mark Mueller, Computer Teacher
Highland Middle School
310 W. Rockland Rd.
Libertyville, IL 60031

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