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to Terry on studio critiques

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 20:35:43 -0700

Hi, Terry.....I couldn't let THIS go by without responding! While I was a
senior in college (I'll not mention the name but it's a well-known
University in the south), I took a graduate level course which was studio
painting. We worked one-on-one with the professor....well, actually each
student went on their own at any time to work on their paintings in a
studio setting...not an actual class setting. I saw the professor probably
four times the entire semester when he reviewed and critiqued my paintings
(usually with grunts). The one experience that stands out in my mind to
this day is totally laughable! I had been working ala "Jackson Pollack"
(sp?) on a hugh canvas....6'x8'....back in the cave days when you had to
prepare your own canvas on stretcher bars and then gesso it yourself. I
spend two days slappin' and squirtin' until I had a big mess on my canvas.
I hated it so I preceeded to start covering it with gesso again to restart.
I was running out of gesso and was adding water to it to make it go
further but still couldn't cover it up except with a thin coat of gesso. I
set it up to dry intending to buy some more gesso to finish it the next
day. Well, lordy!!!! The professor walked in and had this amazed
expression on his face and ran to my painting. "What a miraculous job!"
"Look how it shimmers and the layers underneath glow through the
transparency!" "You have captured an unparalleled third demensional
quality!" On and on he goes!!! He brings in other professors to discuss my
work and raving and I'm lookin' at this painting and thinkin', "What a
piece of YOU KNOW WHAT!" The final topper to my story was hung in
a prized spot in the University Gallery and my name appeared in all sorts
of pamphlets and newspapers. It was totally, without question, the worst
painting I have ever seen!!!!! So much for critiquing studio work!!!!

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526