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Re: Medieval art

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MichaelDelahunt (MichaelDelahunt)
Mon, 9 Sep 96 12:42:05 -700

Lisa, Friday you said:
"I'm looking for art projects that I can tie into my 6th graders curriculum
of the Middle Ages/Rennaisssance.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
-Lisa Schaa

Here are some ideas:

Guide students' study of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescos, then lead
students into producing 2-D images on paper attached to the undersides of
tables; or in which students each mix a small quantity of plaster, pour it
into a small dish making a flat surface on/in which to create a fresco-like

Guide students' study of Michelangelo and other sculptors of these periods,
discussing how different carving in stone must be from working with clay or
constructed works. Cast small blocks of plaster mixed with vermiculite (or
some other soft aggregate) and have the students carve them while they are
still moist (storing unfinished work in plastic).

Guide students' study of illuminated manuscripts and the development of
moveable-type by Gutenberg, and its implications for the increased
availability of books, etc. Then get/borrow some old-fashioned letter-press
type and students create relief prints in which the type plays a part.

Guide students' study of stained glass, and how the architectural design of
medieval cathedrals allowed and encouraged their use. Give students 12 inch
round cardboard templates to trace onto 12 x 12 inch paper. Discuss radial
design/balance, and invite them to create an image of a rose window. Specify
other materials to accomplish goals of varying the materials they use.

Good luck!
Michael Delahunt
Art teacher, K-6, at Sonoran Sky Elem., Scottsdale, AZ

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