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Stain Glass

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 11:23:50 -0700

Hi, Lisa and Sandra.....Mentioned in your post was leadened stain glass
look with tissue paper. Try this approach. Using black Elmer's Glue (you
can buy it that way or Carolyn R. said you can mix glue and black tempera
which I haven't tried), spread (like you would lay lead) onto overhead
sheets of plastic (drawing underneath). Let dry and then use stain glass kind. Use black tape for edging. Looks super on windows!
Less fading than tissue, too!! And less mess than gluing tissue and they
last longer!

Try a ROSE WINDOW design by drawing a large circle (16") on white drawing paper.
Divide circle into equal parts ( 10 parts or 12 parts for example) using
easy math with degrees and protractors. For younger kids you might already
have a pattern made for them. With tracing paper, trace over one section
and and cut pattern out. Make design in pattern using their name or other
design idea and pencil-carbon the design on both sides of pattern. Lay
pattern on large circle and re-trace pattern into one section. Flip pattern
and trace flipped design on second section, etc., flipping pattern for each
section. You will finish with a beautiful "rose window" design which is a
radial design but each section rotates in a reflective design (mirror
image) symmetry. Ink in and color each front flip in one combination of
colors and each back flip in another combination like analogous colors,
complementary colors, etc. I choose 16" because if you want to make color
copies of student's work, the machine will handle that size reasonably.

Speaking to color copying. Many times I want to save a student's work and
they do too. Next to "losing it"..hee,hee..I found Kinko"s does a pretty
good job of color copying and it's nearly true to color. Where I go, it
costs $2.75 a copy but it's worth it to me for a future sample. I also
laminate some and it will keep forever (great for traveling samples if you
do workshops). I've noticed, also, copies don't fade nearly as much as the
originals. I'm eager to try overhead copies which have been mentioned in
this talkgroup!!


Bunki Kramer
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