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Lesson Plans

Re: new year

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Thu, 5 Sep 1996 22:36:11 -0400

Hi Sandy-
Welcome back to school! We've been in session for three weeks already, so I
feel like I'm back in the swing (my room is no longer clean and orderly).
I do involve kids in establishing rubrics. After a fair amount of
experimenting, I've discovered that the interest level is the highest a few
days into the project -- after they've completed the planning stage and maybe
even begun work on the final form of their project. We use a huge sheet of
paper and start by determining what the necessary criteria would be for a "C"
in this project. These tend to be the minimum requirements, and I usually
establish some of these as I make the assignment.Then we move on to
establishing the criteria for a "B" (very good work) and then an "A",
exceptional work. With the 6th graders, on thir first assignment, I generally
fill in most of these criteria, then ask for their recommendations. I find
that my students are very adept at coming up with meaningful criteria, and
seem quite interested in having a voice in how the work is going to be
evaluated. These criteria are really just one portion of their total
evaluation, the remainder being items like Being on task, completing the
project (this is just one component, not a determining factor), the final
presentation of the work, reflection on the work, etc. They evaluate
themselves on the lesson criteria (rubric) and on the other items and then
write a comment supporting each rating. I respond with comments and determine
the final grade, which is generally (but not always) close to what they have
determined. The work and evaluation form become a component in their
I've probably missed some important component of this process -- but just ask
if you don't get the point of what I'm trying to share here. I think it
sounds more complicated than it is.
Oh, I teach 6-8 art.