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Re: middle school art

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Carolyn Roberts (b2w6w4kn)
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 20:59:51 -0400

Hi, Lynn, welcome to the group. I also teach visual art to 6th, 7th, and
8th grade middle school students in Kinston, North Carolina and I am working
on my masters in art education at East Carolina University in Greenville,
NC. I will finish up this coming summer.

In my school, our team is called "directed studies" and includes visual
arts, music/drama, dance, band, spanish, home ec, shop, and PE. We all have
two (45 minute) classes each of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. ALL teachers have
two planning periods...which of course means that we D/S teachers have NO
common planning with the regular classroom teachers. Regular classroom
teachers use the block system (90 minute classes). The second year we were
under middle school classification, we had one afternoon a week set aside
for group planning with different teams, but we had so-o-o-o-o many
problems, we have not tried this again. If we need info on what they are
teaching, we put a note in the team chair's mailbox and as a team they get
the info together and return to us as a team. This presents a lot of
problems, but we do manage to make it work. If the regular teachers want
something special from me, they will come to me and we work it out. I do a
lot with math and art and I have lessons that use the same terminology which
reinforces the lessons in the regular classroom. I stress constantly to my
students, that art is not a subject that is separate from all others, and I
spend a lot of time letting them know how it all works together.

I expect a lot from my students and I "push" them for quality work. I spend
a lot of time the first few weeks trying to get them "thinking on their own"
and not simply trying to "please me". Some are so cautious, they are afraid
to make a mark without approval. I work hard to get them to experiment and
to make decisions, whether right or wrong. This is certainly the "best age
group" to teach!
Carolyn Roberts
E. B.Frink Middle School
Kinston, NC 28504
Lynn Carr wrote:
>I am new to this news group, but very interested in anything to do with
middle school art education. I teach art in New Brunswick, Canada to "junior
high" students (grades 7,8,9). Next year we will become a middle school
(grades 6,7,8). I would be interested in knowing how the middle school
philosophy as well as teacher teams, interdisciplinary teaching, common
planning time etc.. affect the art program. I am also working on my MEd in
art education, and specifically interested in cognitive development through
art making. I really enjoy getting good quality work from my students and I
maintain that its because they have to use their brain! I try to stress that
inorder to create a successful piece of art work you need think creatively,
plann carefully, make predictions, judgements, find the right techniques
with materials, overcome problems etc. Nothing wonderful comes from just a
little bit of effort and thinking. Thanks for your post and I would love to
hear more discussion ab!
>out teaching art in the middle school...Lynn Carr (Saint John, New
Brunswick, Canada)