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RE: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco, ignorance to our list


From: Diane Purdie (dap1_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 06:42:42 PDT

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> From: Shannon McGraw []
> Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 9:24 AM
> To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
> Subject: RE: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco, ignorance
> to our list
> I'm done trying to convince anyone...this will be it; but if you don't
> think the Mexican government if orchestrating this mass deportation of
> their poor...with comic books, CD showing the best routes..because of
> the BILLIONS of America's money that is poured back're living in
> the dark. Over 85 hospitals in CA have gone bankrupt because of
> illegals getting services without paying...fact. Wages in Dallas have
> declined by 22% in the last five years because of illegals...fact.
> America IS the great enabler...and you're are right about one
> thing...the outsourcing of jobs is almost as debilitating to the
> American worker.
> Read 'Mexifornia' read 'State of Emergency' read 'In Mortal Danger' read
> the facts on '' read the facts on '' IF you
> about 'mind-boggling ignorance.' The mind will justify
> anything...including the fact that Americans have to pay out in
> hard-earned taxes to the tune of over $200MILLION dollars every year for
> services to illegals...that's a lot of mowed lawns and made beds...and
> how, with their low wages they can send about $20 BILLION back to their
> own country???..where are they getting that kind of doe? Because they
> don't pay for having their anchor babies, their medical, their car
> insurance, and every other service.
> I'm finished! So, anyone wanting to make comments, my response will not
> be forthcoming.
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> From: Maggie White []
> Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 9:04 PM
> To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
> Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco,
> ignorance to our list
> Shannon McGraw wrote:
> >The most loving thing we can do as a country is put up and wall and
> >stand guard..the reason Mexico doesn't improve is because it has a
> >national policy of deporting its poor and uneducated to us
> >
> I had planned to stay out of this fray, but I had to respond to this
> mind-bogglingly ignorant statement. Mexico does not have a "national
> policy" of "deporting" its poor and uneducated.
> >Other countries, Poland, for instance...demanded
> >change...Mexicans don't.
> >
> Working class and poor Mexicans have for many years demanded change.
> They are demanding change even now. Ever been to Mexico City? There
> are demonstrations there regularly, huge ones that block the enormous
> boulevards. Since about mid-August, Oaxaca has been in the grips of an
> enormous strike of teachers, health-care workers, and others. Change
> doesn't happen because the upper class minority controls everything.
> >I met a woman last night who almost died in a huge car crash
> >from a Mexican who ran a red light and had no license and insurance and
> >fled their place the next day. This is happening all over the
> >place...Mexicans come over here {ignorant drivel deleted}
> >
> You're the perfect candidate to see the film A Day Without a Mexican.
> You really should rent it sometime soon.
> >most insane sense of entitlement would march in their OWN streets,
> >instead of ours...something would get done.
> >
> See paragraph above.
> >it's really OUR fault for throwing this country
> >away....but doesn't it take more courage to work in one's own country
> to
> >get change? But as long as we are the Great Enabler, it'll never
> happen.
> >
> We aren't throwing the country away, but we're certainly exporting it.
> If the Bush gub'mint really wanted to stop illegal immigration, it could
> do so by nailing the huge agri-businesses, hotel chains, developers and
> construction trades that hire them. Think that'll happen? Not on
> Dubya's watch, nosireebob. He's all about protecting the hands that
> feed him. What's the difference between hiring cheap labor here, or
> outsourcing it overseas?
> Maggie
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