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RE: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco, ignorance to our list


From: Shannon McGraw (smcgraw_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 06:24:01 PDT

I'm done trying to convince anyone...this will be it; but if you don't
think the Mexican government if orchestrating this mass deportation of
their poor...with comic books, CD showing the best routes..because of
the BILLIONS of America's money that is poured back're living in
the dark. Over 85 hospitals in CA have gone bankrupt because of
illegals getting services without paying...fact. Wages in Dallas have
declined by 22% in the last five years because of illegals...fact.
America IS the great enabler...and you're are right about one
thing...the outsourcing of jobs is almost as debilitating to the
American worker.
Read 'Mexifornia' read 'State of Emergency' read 'In Mortal Danger' read
the facts on '' read the facts on '' IF you about 'mind-boggling ignorance.' The mind will justify
anything...including the fact that Americans have to pay out in
hard-earned taxes to the tune of over $200MILLION dollars every year for
services to illegals...that's a lot of mowed lawns and made beds...and
how, with their low wages they can send about $20 BILLION back to their
own country???..where are they getting that kind of doe? Because they
don't pay for having their anchor babies, their medical, their car
insurance, and every other service.
I'm finished! So, anyone wanting to make comments, my response will not
be forthcoming.

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From: Maggie White []
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 9:04 PM
To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco,
ignorance to our list

Shannon McGraw wrote:

>The most loving thing we can do as a country is put up and wall and
>stand guard..the reason Mexico doesn't improve is because it has a
>national policy of deporting its poor and uneducated to us
I had planned to stay out of this fray, but I had to respond to this
mind-bogglingly ignorant statement. Mexico does not have a "national
policy" of "deporting" its poor and uneducated.

>Other countries, Poland, for instance...demanded
>change...Mexicans don't.
Working class and poor Mexicans have for many years demanded change.
They are demanding change even now. Ever been to Mexico City? There
are demonstrations there regularly, huge ones that block the enormous
boulevards. Since about mid-August, Oaxaca has been in the grips of an
enormous strike of teachers, health-care workers, and others. Change
doesn't happen because the upper class minority controls everything.

>I met a woman last night who almost died in a huge car crash
>from a Mexican who ran a red light and had no license and insurance and
>fled their place the next day. This is happening all over the
>place...Mexicans come over here {ignorant drivel deleted}
You're the perfect candidate to see the film A Day Without a Mexican.
You really should rent it sometime soon.

>most insane sense of entitlement would march in their OWN streets,
>instead of ours...something would get done.
See paragraph above.

>it's really OUR fault for throwing this country
>away....but doesn't it take more courage to work in one's own country
>get change? But as long as we are the Great Enabler, it'll never
We aren't throwing the country away, but we're certainly exporting it.
If the Bush gub'mint really wanted to stop illegal immigration, it could

do so by nailing the huge agri-businesses, hotel chains, developers and
construction trades that hire them. Think that'll happen? Not on
Dubya's watch, nosireebob. He's all about protecting the hands that
feed him. What's the difference between hiring cheap labor here, or
outsourcing it overseas?


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