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RE: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco


From: Shannon McGraw (smcgraw_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 07:53:03 PDT

The most loving thing we can do as a country is put up and wall and
stand guard..the reason Mexico doesn't improve is because it has a
national policy of deporting its poor and uneducated to us...while they
send back OUR money to Mexico, making it the second largest source of
revenue next to their oil. Like someone said, give Mexico to Thailand
for 20 years and it would one of the richest and most successful
countries in the world. Other countries, Poland, for instance...demanded
change...Mexicans don't.
I taught those kids with as much love and enthusiasm as I could...I was
well thought of as a teacher. (although I had not one parent speak to me
all year.) I met a woman last night who almost died in a huge car crash
from a Mexican who ran a red light and had no license and insurance and
fled their place the next day. This is happening all over the
place...Mexicans come over here and knowingly disregard laws because
while if you or I got stopped with 75 pounds of pot and were swerving in
the road, we'd get arrested...they get let go. (happened) If everyone
would stop being silent and protest to officials..including sure would help. Instead of the illegals, who have the
most insane sense of entitlement would march in their OWN streets,
instead of ours...something would get done. So, I've heard that over
and over again...'if I were a Mexican I'd do the same thing..' and I
see the's really OUR fault for throwing this country
away....but doesn't it take more courage to work in one's own country to
get change? But as long as we are the Great Enabler, it'll never happen.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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From: Woody Duncan []
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 5:37 PM
To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] arts return to San Francisco

On Sep 6, 2006, at 7:44 AM, Shannon McGraw wrote:

> The answer is to stop giving the candy store away to illegals. I feel
> sorry for teachers in Calif. and Texas and elsewhere. I was in one of
> those schools a couple of years ago...thank God, I'm in a great
> private
> school now. And if you call me 'racists'........get a life. The
> illegals are destroying this country and invading everything including
> our schools at such numbers...who can teach them? If we don't stop it
> and get a breather like we did in the '20's, it's only going to get
> worse. There are ghost towns in Mexico...where are they? Here.
> It is
> an invasion.

I understand your frustration but these kids are not at fault. It is
our job to do
the very best we can for every child who enters our classes. Our lack
of a
comprehensive border policy is a real problem. Let's resolve it
without getting
mad at the kids. I too would like to seal the borders and provide
entry only to
those with legal jobs in the US. We need to close all those
businesses who hire
illegals including school districts who hire them. We also need a
legal way to
allow people to cross the border and work to better their lives.
Politics is
preventing this country from getting the laws in place.

Having said all that, let me be clear: if I lived in Mexico, the
first thing I would
do is sneak across the border and get phony papers, stay low and find

Woody, Retired in Albuquerque

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