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Re: [teacherartexchange] Go ahead, try choice in difficult circumstances(long)


From: Eileen Ellis (iforget000_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 02 2006 - 17:40:41 PDT

I am all for creativity but I was just a member of the group who rewrote the
graded courses of study for art for the Diocese of Cleveland. Now I have to look
over all that work and see how to make it work with Choice.
To get started this year I plan to let more kids use the art product of choice
which will help with class discussions. I just need to make sure my kids
don't repeatedly choose the same art products and tools.

I am going to have to research like you did.
Are there topics and then the kids figure out how to cover the topic,
theme or idea?
I would love to see kids in action with their teachers.
Maybe someone in Cleveland or the burbs is using TAB.

For grades we use O S+ S S- N U for Kindergarten through 4th grade
for 5th-8th we use A+ /A/ A-/ B+/ B/ B-/ etc.



On 9/2/06, Mikel Lee <> wrote:
> > As it is many projects are finished around grading
> > time
> > I do grades (2 of each ) for 2nd -8th grade.
> >
> > It is a nightmare. I hate it . I always have!
> > I bring most pieces home so I can do gradingin peace
> > and quiet.
> > TAB would a bigger nightmare! (at least it seems
> > this way)
> > Tab choice art ed...I will look here.
> >
> > EE
> I have to grade all of my students too and I have
> about 480 1-5 graders. Our grading scale is
> E-excellent, S- satisfactory, H- Having difficulty,
> and N- needs improvement in grades 3-5 with a plus,
> check or minus in three subcategories. Then in 1st and
> 2nd we have S- satisfactory, P- progressing, U-
> unsatisfactory. I have taken a grade every day for how
> they are working. Last year I couldn't keep up with
> anything when I was doing projects. I write a letter
> for what center they are in and a plus if they have
> done outstanding so I can remember to praise them
> accordingly.
> With choice all of the kids are all working so
> independently on what they choose to work on.
> Therefore, they are not struggling and frustrated
> trying to mimic my project and meet my examples
> expectations. This has given me so much time to walk
> around and talk to the kids during class. I actually
> get to talk to all of them... see what they are
> working on...hear their plans for next week and it is
> very nice. It makes them so proud to get to tell me
> what they havce thought of all on their own.
> You will be amazed at what happens if you switch to
> choice. I know how you feel. I was so scared to try it
> that I read all 3000 something posts just to see how
> other people did it. When I read I learned that a lot
> of people were scared and that at first some of the
> older kids have trouble thinking on their own and that
> everyone's story pretty much is progressing happily.
> It is NOTHING like trying to drag the kids through
> projects. It is so much fun. I kept reading from
> people to follow the path your students will lead you
> on and I didn't quite get it... but after three weeks
> I can see what they mean... The kids start telling you
> what they want. You can start seeing that certain kids
> need more 3-d activities and others could really go
> all out if you just got them a huge piece of paper.
> You will start getting excited by how excited you know
> your kids are going to be. I stay late every day now
> because I am excited about making the room cool for
> the kids...not because I have to cut 200 sheets of
> same sized paper so everyone can do my project!!!
> Then I have a group of boys who started making paper
> airplanes because they couldn't think of anything else
> to do, so I had to stop them and tell them not to
> waste my paper. Then we started talking about what if
> they designed a huge flying airplane? What could they
> make it out of? how would it look? They started with
> bulletin board paper borrowed from the teachers work
> room...then we reinforced it with glue that stiffened
> when it dried because cardboard was too heavy... then
> they had to solve all of the issues that came up...and
> then it flew!! It was a glorious huge airplane made by
> three 5th grade boys who never have shown any interest
> in art and the whole class was cheering for them when
> we went into the hall to fly it down the hall!!!
> Now I know that a giant paper airplane may be scoffed
> at by some art teachers, but when they were making it
> I was just as excited as I was when I was in college
> collaborating with my fellow art students. It was
> exciting!
> I know it is scary, but you will be amazed at how your
> kids will light up and how creative they really are. I
> am sorry that I rambled on. - Mikel in OK
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