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Re: [teacherartexchange] classroom management-- Stacie


From: Holmgren (holmgren_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 19:11:48 PDT

Hi Stacie,

I don't have drying racks, either, but do have a clothesline--and,
fortunately, a long counter by the window that kids can put wet stuff on. I
have to transfer it to the clothesline--I hang them back to back. If you
don't have a counter to set them on first, though, that would be a big

For cleaning up with painting.....I have elementary kids--k-3rd. My room is
small, and I have one tiny sink, that is in a corner, so only accessible
from one side. My procedure for painting works really well for me. I have 5
tables that kids sit at. For each table I have a tray that I set in the
center of the table (old flat lunch trays that were left in the room). I
put a paper grocery sack on the tray. I put paint on the paper bag (talking
about tempera, here)--medium size glob of each color we are using. For
"mixing trays", I cut up magazine pages and have them ready in a box--each
student gets one. They mix their colors on the magazine page, and throw
them away at the end of class (or before then--and get a new one, if they
need one). Each student cleans their own brush right at the table in the
water containers at the table (3 at each table--I use cool whip containers,
filled 1/2 full with water). When it is clean-up time, students clean their
brushes first--then one person from each table empties the water containers
in the sink. I don't allow anyone to wash hands while we are cleaning up
the tables--if there's time after that, then I will call tables and they can
wash up. Otherwise, they just have to wash hands on their way back to their
classes. It's amazing how well kids keep the colors in those trays clean--of
course I really teach them how to use the brushes, clean them between
colors, etc. Even some of the kindergarten classes keep the colors clean.
But even if the colors do get dirty--I just squeeze a bit more paint onto
the spot. It used to make me crazy when I would fill small containers with
the different colors of paint, and they would get dirty--this way, it's no
big deal. I use the same trays all day long. At the end of the day, if
there is a sizable amount of paint left, I use a good-sized flat brush, and
scoop it back into the containers. Doesn't take very long--much less time
than cleaning and drying paint containers. If they're really messy, I just
toss the paper bags.But most of the time I just keep using the same bags,
day after day. (Paper grocery bags are an item on my parent "wish list").

My kids all work as teams with the other kids at their tables--I let them
know what things need to be done--then they have to figure out who is going
to do which job, and then do it. Since I started that system, I have never
had to give out rewards (and our school discourages that). For some reason,
being the first table to get to line up (because they were the first to get
all cleaned up) seems to turn them on.

Mary H.

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> Thanks. Yes, I've been wondering the same thing. I feel like my middle
> school students should have the responsibility of washing their stuff, but
> they
> just seem to take too long. I've been wondering if I should collect their
> stuff, either wash it myself or ask a helper to wash them and give that
> student
> extra bucks or something. I definitely need to figure this out. The
> other
> problem is that I have no drying rack, so finding spots for 33 wet
> paintings is
> interesting. I've hung up clothelines, but it doesn't work so well with
> that
> many paintings. I am praying that they get me a rack soon. I've been
> begging
> for one since before I started. They told me that they ordered it, but
> that
> like like three months ago. It would really help.
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