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From: Rick Larson (jrlarson51_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 24 2005 - 14:35:18 PDT

Stacie, You'll get it- it isn't easy at first- 2nd year is better, because
you have experienced it all the first year, and know what to avoid. To help
you now, though, leave the seating this way for awhile- to see really if it
is better or not. I have better luck with 4 at a table- is there room for
another table to spread them out more? Spreading them out definitely helps.

> I have rearranged my tables so that they are in a "U" formation >

I'm still having trouble with too much noise and students getting out of
> their seats.

Stick with the table captian idea- just give them an incentive this year, to
be a captian.

So, now I only allow half of the students to paint and the other half works

You are making more work for yourself by doing two things at once, but if it
is working, stick with it.>
> I know that part of my problem is that I'm not hard enough on them.

Be firm- or they will eat you for lunch! Never yell. They know they've won
if you yell. It actually gives them control .(IMO)
It is great that you sent notes home. Do you have a phone in your room?
Have the first disruptive student use it to call home to say they are
staying after school for detention. You will have the class' attention.
You can't do this for little ones.
I call work time "studio time" and explain that when artists work in their
studios, they don't sit and chit chat. I'll say that I like the way so and
so is ready for studio time.- funny, but my 6th's still respond to it and
get settled. It works better for little ones though- (i like the way
> I did buy a timer this weekend,
> Try it, but to me a bell is more of a distraction.

I do reward kids.- the little ones get paper trophys that I print off a clip
art program and make copies, the 3-6 get art dollars- they save 4- and then
go to the bucket. I have all sorts of stuff in the bucket, from gushers,
suckers, to toothpaste( freebies from the dentist), pencils, cheapo toys
that I cleaned out from my drawers at home - I put an old wallet in there,
that a 6th grade boy was so glad to get.

> talking, but they need to share supplies and ask for help often.

They should raise their hand for help. Whisper to them when you go to help

> As for the cleanup, I need help there too. It's just so hard when it's 33
> students. That's why I'm only allowing half of them to paint at a time.

Tell your administrators and counselors this- Then clean-up earlier and
tell them we will try to get clean-p done in ten min in the future as a
goal- but take fifteen if that is what it takes. Do a really fun project
that they will want to work on, and tell them if they clean-up under the
fifteen min, then Maybe next time they will work another 5 min.

> could use more tips though. I keep their supplies in bins, and I inspect
> the bins
> before they can line up.

Can the captians check and turn in bins? (offer an incentive to the
captians- have them sign a sheet also saying that they checked bin #
whatever 6th period.-

I explain that their portfolios must be stacked
> >
> the most stars will get a reward the next class.

You'll go broke- try a paper incentive- that doesn't cost you money- they
can save their $$ and get a special reward that they truly earn and it will
keep your costs down. Also, you can put in the newsletter that you are
looking for parents to donate rewards for the art students- ..
  How should we keep track of the bucks? Should they hold on
> to them?
Yes- Too bad if they lose them- they should keep better track of them...

> should I decide which tables get stars, which don't? I would reward
> students with praise first- I don't think it is fair to punish the whole
> table. Stick with the bucks- pass them out to only the kids who followed
> your room rules.

If a student is acting up
> at a table, should I stick something on it and explain that the table has
> lost it's star for the day? It's difficult because I have a total of 16
> different classes a week. I have 22- you can do it.

Also, what should the rewards be? I have stickers and
> pencils for the little ones. I think you're stuck with this for this year,
> but go with something Free next year for the little ones- they're happy
> with a high 5 or hug..
 I> Some of my students are starting to give me attitude when they get into
> trouble. They get angry and turn on me, and it's actually quite hurtful.
> It is hard not to take theis personally, but you just can't- remember they
> are very hormonal. Ask the student calmly and quietly that you need to
> speak with them in the hall- Tell them that you're disappointed and that
> you know that they can do better-
For the one who wanted to pee in the trash, make him a helper- give him an
important task. Have him demonstrate a drawing technique or something.
You will get better at when to take what approach. When they work quietly,
walk around and give them each a buck.
Sorry this is so long- hang in there. Take a calgon bath at the end of the
day, and keep a small stash of chocolate for yourself.

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