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Re: wow, the spelling police got me


From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 13:38:11 PDT

Years ago, the first week I was on the list someone fired off a
correction to me ON LIST that I had offended her personally by
capitalizing a word so that my capitalized word yelled in her ear. She
demanded that I apologize to her publicly on the list and then remove
myself from the list. I wrote that I was sorry to offend her but I
would continue on the list. I was very upset! These demands went on
for several exchanges. Finally I invited her to remove herself from the
list to protect her ears because I was staying on. I looked in the
archives and could not find anything this person had contributed to the
list. She removed herself in a huff that the other list members did
not support her demand that I leave.

I send this so you can see that this will go on as long as there are
lists and obsessive folks who cannot stop themselves from correcting
certain mistakes. It gets in their brains and screams at them until
they have to correct. They find a comfortable place in school because
there it is OK and even desirable to correct spelling or grammar. I
can understand their drive. I see every time someone writes "to" when
it should be "too". It screams out to me to be corrected. I keep the
urge to correct under control.... So far! Some times it is too much
for me ;<)

Understanding this as perhaps being driven by OCD may help to tolerate
it better. Maybe!
In the meantime keep posting!
Sharon ~ NJ

On Saturday, September 25, 2004, at 07:33 AM, Randy Menninghaus wrote:
> This is a full apology for my forgetting to send a recent message
> through
> spell check. I have dyslexia and I also some times forget to use spell
> check. However, adult to adult, on-line or off-line,(and my
> punctuation is
> off here as well) it is offensive to be corrected. We are
> communicating as
> peers. I do realize that in this forum our only exchange is words.
> However
> I was surprised to what extent it offended me that some one would only
> communicate with me recently to correct me.
> Some months I don't post or reply at all. I can understand why some
> people
> just drop off the list when corrected.
> Randy in Mid Maine