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Personal Messages to the list - no offense intended - I enjoy them


From: Joan Dark (joandark4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 09:20:28 PDT

Greetings ArtsEdNetters,

We are Family and we do love hearing all about your
families, too. I do enjoy the personal messages that
are sent and that I open (I still open just about
everything in Mailwasher)...So please do not get me
wrong when I post this. I have just had several ask me
why I can no longer post to Getty list so I will
outline them briefly - these won't be in any certain

1. I have had MANY suggest that I put my posts all
into one so that there was only one email to delete.
My posts were taking them too long to download. No one
complains about the personal replies that are only
intended for one person. I on the other hand have been
told to "get a life"...but I chose this one - to try
to help art teachers. It is very easy to send a
personal off list reply when you only want to talk to
one person.

2. Of those who took the time to reply about use of my
site and IAD - many of them do not use either site.

3. It is obvious to me that many do not read my posts
when I do answer as many will just come back with the
same answer - so I didn't save anyone's time - I only
wasted mine.

4. I was tired of apologizing to the list when I did
give a long answer that took me hours to write. Most
of the time I got no reply when I did answer a list
question off list - so I decided again to start
posting to the list hoping someone would read it. Last
year, I started to email privately who wanted my help
before I answered and all I asked is that they
returned one of my ideas - or their own idea back in
the form of a lesson for IAD. The great majority did
not do that nor did they answer my email last summer
asking if they had anything to share. DO NOT send
those lesson plans now. I have my own lesson plans to
write now.

5. I don't have time re-read - spell check - then read
again when I have something to say - and I certainly
don't have time to rewrite it when Yahoo glitches and
it is gone.

6. And the deluge of virus emails and spam as a result
of my posts was more than I could handle - many days
200 or more.

7. The ideas that come to me quickly are now "pond
scum" - I don't have time to dwell on a deeper answer
for everyone. My "passions" that I do want to think
about will all end up on IAD somewhere....all in good
time. Oddly even when I do give a quick
mind continues to think of better answers! That was
starting to even happen on the other lists. So I have
backed off with my quick answers....for me they were
not "quick".

Please continue your personal replies... I am not
asking you to stop. I will just use Art4Peace now when
I have some rambling to do. I abused Getty list as my
personal "Blog" spot for years. I will no longer do
that. As long as I have Art4Peace list - that is where
you will find me. Just don't ask me what kind of paint
to use. That is not what Art4Peace is for.

I am still your "cheerleader" I am still "working" for
you - but in different ways now. When I have the work
done - I will share it with all of you as still many
want lesson plans and ideas pages on IAD.


Judy Decker "Joan for Art Ed"

P.S. What was "Joan" all about anyways? I created this
account last year when my dear friend forgot to send
me many days of digests so I could lurk. At the time,
Getty was not archiving posts. I chose a different
name to see if the list would be interested in her
topics... They weren't - for the most part (smile). I
have since put many of them on IAD. Hispanic Culture
Month was Joan - that is now Great Sites. I am still
working on Hispanic Lesson ideas - that was Joan, too.
More of Joan's ideas will be added too. All of the
list regulars who DID read my posts knew right away
who "Joan" was. They weren't fooled.

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