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melted crayons


Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 16:02:29 PDT

I have purchased some warming trays at yard sales and Good Will stores.
They like a grill with a glass top on little legs. I've never actually
used them because of the numbers involved having a whole class work on a
project. I may try it with art club. But what I have done with a whole
class is using crayon melters. I purchased them in an art supply catalog
(forgot which one) I bought one a year until I have 5. I use them at
tables with 4 students standing around using q-tips. It is a metal gadget
about 10 inches long with 10 or 12 little metal cups attached. You plug it
in and drop crayon pieces in the cups and they melt. With 2nd grade I have
them do a tree by printing with cardboard pressed in sponges of brown
paint. We make the tree one week (learning vertical, horizontal and
diagonal lines) Then during another class they add leaves, fruit,
squirrels ,birds, tree swings, tree houses, etc..We brainstorm first to
think of things that could be in a tree. They use q-tips to dab on the
meted crayon. I call students a few at a time until the tables are full
and other students work on free drawing while they wait. This is with 2nd
grade. I have used the melters with 5th one year when they had been to
Atlanta to see THE Starry Night. They did their own version with the
melted crayons and it gave the works a cool textural look like Van Gogh.
Have only had a few minor burn incidents that required holding the finger
under cold water-nothing major or any big complaints.
       hope this gives you some ideas,
          JEryl in SC