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Re: Ready to Quit after One Week! Please Help.


Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 17:24:02 PDT

I have those day often--no, more than often!! . Then I have days when I
feel I have the greatest job in the world. DON'T let those little ankle biters
get the best of YOU!! They are in the process of testing you ...and I hate
to say this--I think they have the upper hand--so far, but it's the first
week. Give yourself a chance....And here it is....... You are going to walk
into your room on Monday and pretend you are Mrs. Saddam Hussein or Mrs.
Hitler--whomever..... and state in a rather forceful manner--"THIS IS MY ROOM AND
YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY IN MY ROOM!!!!" <frown frown frown> Another
good one: "This is not YOUR playground and I am not your baby sitter, etc."
I also like to say to them "I don't do well with people disrespecting each
other." I talk about RESPECT a lot!
Why should you let those kids make you feel that you have to quit after one
week !?! How about giving them a writing assignment? Ask them to write
about how to behave in the art room or what you like about this class and what
you don't like about this class. (You'd be surprised how much you learn about
yourself from the kids!)
You've already survived one week. Put the lst week behind you--it's in the
past. This is a new week and a new beginning. Start over, learn by
mistakes and all that, but please don't give up. It gets easier, believe me. You
just have to get to know your kids and the kids have to get to know you.
Good Luck,
PS Mentors are a BIG help. I used to sit in the more experienced teachers
rooms to soak up their teachings and wisdom and that really helped me