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Re: art room makeover update...


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 08:38:53 PDT

HI, Kim. Thank you soooo much for sharing your Mission:Organization
experience with us all. I read your email to my advanced art class of 8th
graders and they got the biggest kick out of it! They were fascinated. Now
they all want to watch your edition. Can you tell us when it might be?

Thanks again for sharing with us!!!!! Toodles...Bunki
From: "Kim Millen" <>
I'm the teacher with the Mission Organization makever(art studio)... some of
you have emailed and asked when it will air (?) and how it went, hummmm....I
guess i could write a book now on what REALLY goes on with these reality
type shows. not AT ALL what is seems.

I did all the work, with a small amount of input and even smaller amount of
"hands on" help , as promised by the organizer's assistant when I signed up.
silly me, i paid the $2000 up front... live and learn but as usual there are
wonderful things which came to be because i did the show. at least we got
the cabinets donated, it's finished (although i haven't been home to begin
on the after math, which of course they don't show...)... and made some
great friends who came to the rescue.

as far as the show, i don't look forward to seeing it. the first two days i
got through ok, although i did have a little fit when they had to
disorganize me and dump my stuff together.they said i was too organized for
the show... they then proceeded to have us empty out the storage area on
film, fast time into the rest of my house without organizing anything. then
they left me with a house full of stuff and said, now organize it... lol.
luckily it was already boxed and labeled, but of course 1/4 of it fit
back... i was promised alot of hands on help....they don't tell you what
really took place at all.Infact that would have made a MUCH more interesting
show, lol.

i had to convert my office into a storage area for the overflow and that
didn't even hold it. the organizer did spend 2 days figuring out the
cabinets and 5 hours total hands on( what a deal for $2000).... she called
me from the beach to find out where i put all the stuff so she could take
the producer for a tour through the room(NEvER having seen it before! lucky
for her she had clear bins ). i had to leave the room in disbelief,as she
showed where WE put the stuff. Actually, I wa laughing, you gotta have fun!

I spent the last two days trying to keep a straight face on the camera. when
the crew arrived , the producer decided which cabinets to unload so we could
pretend to load them... i figured, i could make a stink, or get through it.
it wasn't worth the stress of conflict.

I have to say the producer, hostess Gail, and crew were wonderful. it was
fun seeing how a show was created, but thework inbetween the first two days
of taping and the second two days ( with 30 days in between) were... i had
to contract out the constuction, go through everything and deal with the
"donations" they were supposed to get not coming at the last minute.... such
as the floors!!! we had actually begun to paint the walls and they called
and told us we couldn't use the paint the orgainzer had helped me choose...
one problem after another... nuts... so, that's it... now when i look at
those shows i can see them for what they are... lol. i'm still glad i did
it.... but think twice before you volunteer, lol.

i did refuse to go on a local tv program and to be featured in a newspaper
because i had nothing good to say at that point. Some things in life are
worth the story. heh? I think this is one of those times.It all boiled down
to the fact that we left for Japan a few hours after the camera crews left,
and i had to have it together for that trip. My kids were in a musical
theatre company which represented the USA in a world theatre competition.
That turned out to be the most wonderful experience in my life thus far...
but that's another story...anyway i thought you all deserved the inside
scoop .