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Frances Update 2


Date: Sun Sep 05 2004 - 12:19:25 PDT

Hi Folks,
We are still here with electricity and cable-internet. A miracle to be sure
since we got the outer band of the eye. The winds picked up furiously and power
wnr off several times but came back on. Our land line still works too.

The eye has passed us now and believe it or not some crazy guy just went by
my house on a motorcyle! It is raining heavily on and off. We still have hours
to go and we can see more tree branches down. I think most of the big limbs
and trees came down with Charlie.
The wind passes through the trees more easily if there are sky holes in them.
Oops! I just heard a transformer pop. That is always a formidable sound.
During Charlie, we heard them go off in succession and were without power for 4
and half days!

Here are some hurricane survival hints:

Pray for the safety of your family. You are powerless to do anything more
than you have done.

Freeze gallon water jugs (pour out a little) and keep them in the freezer.
They can be moved to the refrig. to keep it cold in there if power goes off.
Also freeze bottles of drinking water.

Get yourself one of those soft rubber jar lid opener thingies to cover the
bath tub drain and fill the tub. It will keep water from seeping out. This can
be used to flush toilets if the pumps fail.

Keep FRESH batteries always and have the radio and flashlights where they can
be found easily in the dark by the "braile method".

Find a good book and keep it handy with a book light.

Keep one of those grill lighters handy for candles. Here in FL we have
camping lanterns in each room.

Store up "comfort food" and pop-tarts for breakfast. I baked tons of
chocolate chip cookies.

Try not to open the refrig if power goes off. Roll up tight newspaper tubes
and tape them around the refrig door and freezer to keep the seal tight. You
can extend the food life in ther another day. Throw out everything if the temp
in the refrig. gets over 40 degrees.

Hope I can still keep in touch. So far, so good. Prayer works.