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Re: Re:new kits for SAX


From: Judy Nagel (jdnag_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 17:32:49 PDT

I thought you were having a GOOD year???
Judy Nagel
Sax Arts & Crafts
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  From: Jancy & Mike Cossin
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  Bunki- after a long hard day your list sounded GREAT.


   Bunki Kramer wrote:

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    Los Cerros Middle School
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>From: "Judy Nagel"
> Hi All, I've been asked to suggest some new kits for Sax to put together and
> wonder if any of you might have some suggestions for me.
> Judy Nagel
> Sax Arts & Crafts

    New kits...hummmm. How about a teacher pack to include:

    1. a 2x4 for those hard-to-reach kids
    2. a robotic aide for cleanup that will LISTEN and RESPOND
    3. a squirt gun to get students' attention
    4. a porti-potty to put in the corner of the room
    5. heavy-duty duct tape for any behavioral emergency
    6. valium/prozac/drug of choice
    7. acrylic paint that will dry on p! aper but not harden on brush bristles
    8. rope to tie wanderers in their seats ( or at least limit their range)
    9. ejector button on each student seat (center command controls at the
    teacher's desk)
    10. students ALL on the same page
    11. Glue sticks that "just keep going, and going, and going"
    12. Sponges that re-invent themselves into clean ones weekly
    13. non-spill water containers...even if turned upside down.
    14. earplugs for faculty meetings
    15. one pair of glasses with opened eyes painted on them
    16. bull horn for demo days
    17. a flag that automatically flashes and waves when you say the pledge so
    everyone will look at IT and not at each other
    18. a meditative gong for those zen-like days...when everything comes, project, teacher...rare surely but yet attainable
    19. a student forehead stamper to send home messages
    20. emergency chocolate

    Care to add anybody? Toodles......Bunki

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