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From: linda (lindwood_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 19:36:34 PDT

THis will make you laugh. It's one for the book.
I have been teaching art for 23 years in a room with one of those round
sinks that tons of kids can gather around...they step on a foot pedal to
turn on the water. Needless to say, for young children, it's quite an
attraction...the things they can get into at the sink if I don't keep a
watcful eye...oh my. Well, we're using oil pastels on their still life
drawings. I told them that we would make two big sponges very soapy with
dish soap and leave them on top of the sink for everyone to
share...keeping the remaining sponges clear of soap. Seemed like a great
rule last week. Well, this week, when they returned, I looked over and
should have known trouble when I saw it...the palmolive orange dish soap
was ON THE COUNTER by the sink. A boy was asking me if he should put soap
in the sponge, as he needed to wash his hands. SURE, I said. And part of
me knew I should have moved the soap to a high shelf, but these ARE third
graders we're talking about here. They found out in 2nd grade that I DO
NOT want them to get carried away with soap. Ok. Cleanup time came. I
looked over at one of the tables and it was COVERED with suds, dripping
off the edge of the table. I went to get a clean sponge, and LO AND
BEHOLD, the whole of the sink (about 6 feet across) was COVERED in THICK
white suds. I tried to find a clean sponge, but ALL of them were
IMPREGNATED with soap. All 8 sponges. AND THEN....the drain clogged on
the trap sink. Water AND suds began to flow out all over the floor. Kids
were just aghast, I was comPLETEly agog. Of course it was time for my
lunch hour, but there was no finding Ludy, our ANGEL cleaning girl who
works all day to help out with whatever situation like this you could name
in an elementary school (and there are PLENTY of them...mostly in K and 1,
bathrooms, etc....Poor Ludy). Well, I spent my lunch hour trying to get
RID of all of that soap. First I had to get the wringer mop from the
cafeteria and drag it to my room. I had to tell the kids to just leave.
There honestly was not a single thing I could have thought of that I
wanted them to do except GO AWAY!!!! I had another class in 45 minutes
and somehow I had to get the floor unsoapy!!! Well, to make a long story
short, they had used 3 inches worth out of the bottle of dish soap. THREE
INCHES!!! I DID get the room finished before the next class, but the sink
was unusable until today. THank goodness I had PowerPoints planned with
the next class and the one after that, and no one had to forego clay or
painting or anything "sink dependent". What A DAY!!!!! We should write a
collective book.