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Re: picture printers


Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 11:27:29 PDT

I have a hp deskjet 952 that I bought new for $99 and get very good quality
prints out of it. I use it for color proofs for my design business and the
quality is similar to the proofs I pay the service bureau $24/page. I use
regular printer paper for everyday stuff, but the expensive glossy photo
paper for the important stuff (hp premium photo-glossy). It costs about a
buck a sheet for the paper and I figure each 8.5x11 goes thru about $2 worth
of ink.

The other thing I fiddle with is the resolution of the graphics. Most
digital cameras shoot at 72dpi or so, but if you print at 72 you are going to
see the pixels.... and that's especially noticeable on the glossy paper since
it allows more detail. In Photoshop I change the pixels per inch, but keep
the same effective resolution. Do Image>Image Size. Make sure the Constrain
Proportions box is checked. Then change the resolution to something higher.
I use 300. 150 is too low and I can still see pixels, and 600 is better than
300, but I can't see the difference and 600 ends up taking more time to
process because it exponentially increases the file size. Once you change
the resolution to 300, the dialog box will tell you what the new file size
is, compared to the former file size. Next, you need to change the width or
the height (whenever you change 1, the other will also change because the
proportions are constrained). Reduce the dimensions until the new file size
is the same or less than the old file size. That will ensure you have at
least the same effective resolution.

Geoff Black

In a message dated 9/8/02 10:42:52 PM, writes:

<< Does anyone use the small phot printers for their digital photos. I have
been diapointed at the quality of the prints from my printer so I looked at
getting a new one but they are so expensive here-Canada. The little photo
printers are in my price ramge and the dpi is much higher than my old
Any thoughts? >>