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Re: Foil Figures


Date: Sun Sep 08 2002 - 04:57:38 PDT

In a message dated 09/07/2002 12:02:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I want to make aluminum foil figures with my third grade class. I would
> like advise on how to construct the human figure out of foil. Any
> suggestions or lesson plan would be appreciated.

After an incredibly busy summer and start of school, I'm back!

 I suggest that you have the kids create an armature out of pipe cleaners
first and then attach the foil to that. Apply the foil around the pipe
cleaners. Form the figure in any way by bending. Attach the foil sculpture
to a base, such as a block of wood, with a staple gun. I have done this with
children as young as grade two. To create the armature:

 Give each student three pipe cleaners. Make a loop on one for the head.
Bend the second pipe cleaner in half. Wrap around the first pipe cleaner
below the "head" to form the arms- add little loops for hands. Bend the
third pipe cleaner in half. Leave space for the body and attach the third
pipe cleaner for legs. Add little loops for feet. When the kids wrap the
pieces of foil around the pipe cleaners, stress the width of the arms, legs
and body, so that the body is much wider. Also, sterss lightly crumpling the
foil. At this point, I have them add plastercraft on top, however, you can
leave them in foil, if you wish.

Ironically, this is the project that I introduced at the sleep-away camp I
volunteered at the last week of this summer. EVERY child in the camp was
excited to create one and LOVED doing it. I made the armatures for the real
young ones (6-7), but the others made their own. All these children and /or
their siblings have (or have had) cancer, so in dealing with this unique
population, I had to find an extremely engaging project in which each child
was made to feel successful- and they did!

Good luck- hope this helps!
Susan on Long Island