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Dawn, It is TIME for YOU to JOIN


From: Ben Rayman (benrayman_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 18:58:51 PDT

Art-to-Art: Building Friendships Through Art---a unique and exciting
art-based exchange program for children in grades K-12 with schools around
the United States.

As far as your disatisfaction with ArtsEdNet getting muddled up with last
week's events---HEY! this net is NO business---it is a bunch of people who
are interested in the arts who connect to one another via the cyberworld,
and if they should get sidetracked by opening up their hearts, minds and
souls on other events---OTHER MAJOR EVENTS that just shook everyone--so
let it be. In the time it takes, we all get back to our normal procedures.

So Dawn, I am getting back to what shook me on 9-11---and that is striving
to enlist new participants in Pat's program that is art-based, but touches
on those other listed subject matters. If I was an art teacher, I would
find this to be an excellent project I could use for a possible CEU
project, to promote my own community and expose my children to other
children around the United States, and see learn their similarities as
well as differences, and then so times L-O-L [laughoutloud] when--you as
an adult---find a little Alaskan boy likes Kraft Macroni and Cheese as
much as you do!

And while I am still "blowing" off about Art-to-Art, and probably not
doing it right because my brain is not the one speaking; as a former
business person---an entity that strictly interested only in the mighty
buck---it wasn't till when Pat had the 10th National Show in Van Wert
County, Ohio---which was on a Sunday and major other events going on---I
was "shocked" to see under 400 children, parents and others make their way
to this opening.

Art teachers can't do it all, they need to enlist the help of their fellow
teachers of Writing, Geography, Human Relations, and you must have
intelligent administrators who are NOT just sports-focused.

And finally, what I find to be extraordinary factor about Art-to-Art---is
the amount of education you can get from one project---and the only costs
is mailing which Pat says runs under $50.00. If you really take a hard
look at this program, look at all its parts, then you will understand why
it is still working.

Thanks for reading the above mess this far.

FOR NATIONAL RELEASE: September 10, 2001

Now in its 16th year
National children’s program
seeks new school participants
        VAN WERT COUNTY, Ohio - Art-to-Art: Building Friendships Through Art is
an exchange program among schools around the United States. The program,
founded and created by Patricia Rayman, was formed in 1986, beginning with
only four schools and three bordering states around Ohio.
        “Although the primary purpose of the program is an exchange of art, ideas
and interest among schools,” said Rayman, “the program is designed to
increase the students’ knowledge of geography and history substantially.”
And the students are not the only ones who benefit from the program.
“Teachers get ideas from seeing what the rest of the country is
doing,”noted its founder.
        Currently, the Art-to-Art now runs consistently between 100-150 school
participation within a range of 24-36 states, and unofficially estimates
under 200,000 students have been exposed to the program as of the 2000-01
curriculum year. “My goal this year is to have school participation from
all the states as well as schools in Canada,” said Rayman.
        The program is comprised of a series of individual and group curriculum
projects, which come together before, placed on a rotation schedule. Its
purpose, Rayman said of the various parts, “is to offer the participating
educators the ability to involve all their students.” Students have the
option to build their own Art-to-Art Curriculum Project or take part in
the group activities of the various learning subjects.
        The national show will enter its 13th year, is the crowning highlight for
the core curriculum that is directed by a
participating teacher in a different part of the country annually. Last
year show was held in Nashville, Tennessee.
Bristol, Connecticut located between Hartford-Waterbury was the site of
The tenth returned to its roots at the Wassenberg Art Center in Van Wert
County, Ohio, which is located between
Lima, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Held at Livingston, Montana Depot Center, was the Ninth national site.
Livingston is located between Billings and Bozeman as well above
Yellowstone National Park.
        The Kennedy Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado was the eighth.
On the Atlantic seaboard, Wilmington, North Carolina hosted the seventh.
New Brighton, Minnesota, located in the Minneapolis market became the
sixth site.
        The fifth was held in Thomasville, Georgia, which is located east of
Valdosta and south of Tallahassee, Florida.
Medford, Oregon, which is a short distance from the Pacific Ocean and
Northern California, became the fourth.
The Third Annual Art-to-Art National Show was held at the Springville,
Utah at the Museum of Art.
The city is below Provo and Salt Lake City.
The Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin became the second.
And in the beginning, The First Annual National Show was held in Van Wert
County, Ohio.
“A lot has been written about the program. Probably the most gratifying
effect was when one Indiana teacher told me the Art-to-Art prompted a
handicapped boy in her classroom to speak for the first time. This was
just a wonderful and most unexpected result of the project,” said its
Art-to-Art begins in September as the teachers and students plan their
projects to be exchanged with up to six schools on a regular basis,
however the exchange program begins in January when the teachers receive
their rotation list.
Interested teachers are invited to contact Pat Rayman for a brochure and
other information via e-mail address or by mail request to 16392 Greenville Road, Ohio
City, Ohio 45874-9230.