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Re: liquid tempera organization ?


Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 18:14:26 PDT

I had 850 students. Five-day rotation schedule with 40 minute classes. When
all colors were prepared and we were ready to PAINT with tempera, I called it

Here's how:
I had Crayola SQUEEZE containers which were GREAT and also some pumps but
couldn' t afford the large pump containers all at one time.
I had the cafeteria save milk containers....100's . They're happy to oblige!
Rinse and open the tops completely.
Make sure you have a vacant table or ART CART to place containers of paint on.
I had third grade before my lunch break so I selected third grades to fill
and/or mix ALL colors beginning with primary........secondary..... I could
use some of my break to close all containers with a clip clothes pin if
necessary. Besides the third graders are GREAT listeners and aim to please

Monday 3rd
Kids Prepared 16 red, 16 blue, 16 yellow
Close the containers. Clothes pin shut and place on the PAINT cart or
table. (I had a huge rolling cart with about 3 inch sides.......
Total = 48 containers

Tuesday 3rd
Prepared and mixed secondary colors 16 orange, 16 green, 16 purple
Total = 48 containers

Wednesday 3rd
Prepared and mixed TINTS of primary colors already in containers.
4 red
4 blue
4 yellow containers.
Created 12 tinted containers

Thursday 3rd
Prepared and mixed TINTS of secondary colors already in containers.
4 orange
4 green
4 purple
Created 12 tinted containers.

Friday 3rd
Prepared and mixed SHADES of:
4 primary
4 secondary
4 tints

By Friday, you have all colors and 4 primary and secondary pure colors. You
can always quickly refresh these colors. 5th grades could mix small amounts
of specialty colors on their tear away palettes as long as they did not waste
paint. If someone invented a very popular color, I let them create a
container of it.

Place one small, detail brush and one medium brush in EACH container before
first class. USE tempera with EVERY CLASS all day long! Paintings would
be stored on the drying racks and by the time the second rack was filled, the
first rack would be dry enough to store. Kids would place their paintings on
the drying rack on the way out the door starting at the bottom and working
UP......assign a student monitor to make sure they don't miss a slot. NAMES
should be placed in the MIDDLE of the BACK of tempera paintings before the
painting process starts.........and CLASS period info.

At the end of the day of painting....Kindergartens would remove the brushes
and place them in the soap bucket for my after school helpers to wash, rinse
and be ready for day 2. Repeat the process over and over..........
Kids love PAINTING and they were free to PAINT, go to the cart and CHANGE.
Each student was allowed ONE color at a time of their choice and could change
at any time with someone at their table OR at the cart. I know, it's sounds
like total chaos but it really wasn't and they loved having the freedom to
choose and change........Kindergarten was painting exploration so I would
RING a bell when it was time to change with their neighbor and explore paints
and colors.

At the end of the day, I would drape a heavy shower curtain over my paint
cart to help prevent "dry outs". Make sure you keep some tincture of
wintergreen on hand to prevent some odors that sometime emerge from tempera.

Another thing that worked for me was to BORROW cafeteria trays and place 8
yogurt cups of colors on each tray. Store tray of paints in very large ZIP
LOCK bag that I got from the BAG LADY........who was me, 'cause my husband
worked for a poly bag company that had HUGE GREAT heavy mil bags. Zip em
shut and forget it! (kinda sounds like an infomercial) I used this method
when I had to have paint for other projects and we were finished with the
MASS PAINTING of 2-3-4 weeks long!

Let me know if I'm too hard to mind tends to zoom away.