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Re: written by Tamim Ansary, Afghani-American writer.


Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 21:04:16 PDT

Our slow down needs to be in the direction of the Lord. I have asked myself
again and again how can we as a people have the audacity to ask God to bless
our nation when we as his people have turned deaf ears and willing hands to
slaughter millions of children who never had a voice in their own right to
life. How can we dare to ask him to bless us when we as a nation embrace
openly those things which his word says is an abomination to him? I have
children who would by their own age become part of a mandatory draft if that
were instituted. Do I want them or their friends to die for the sake of a
nation who has turned its head on God's commands? We have raised them to
fear God for the scripture says that the fear of God is the beginning of
wisdom...when we can fathom in some small degree the state of our falling
from his Grace....And then our minister said something Sunday that we thought
was profound...should we be surprised that a world which would crucify an
innocent man would have any shame or remorse in doing what it did last
Tuesday...He spoke of know the Daniel of the Old
Testament...carried into captivity by the Babylonians...he probably saw his
family slaughtered..his sisters and mother ravished and then killed...he
himself made a eunuch,,,forever having the right to be a father taken from
him...and yet he worshipped and continued to worship God...he sat at the
king's table every day and yet, did not partake of it...desiring above all to
honor God with what remained of himself...and then in devastation, Daniel in
pleading with God in Daniel 9, included himself among those who had committed
idolatry, unfaithfulness...and yet did not ask God to bless him because of
who Daniel was....although what we know of him from Scripture implies
Daniel's holy life...he sought God's mercy...not his blessing...not because
of who Daniel was but because being merciful is God's character...not
ours...Daniel sought him because he knew the mercy of God, even though he had
faced tremendous adversity in his own life....We must turn towards God...we
must ask for his mercy...and we must decide to worship Job did...yet
though he slay me, yet I will trust Him...

I earnestly believe Christ is our only this and through this
crisis...and in the uncertain days to come...

Grace and peace