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Re: Nostradamus--sorted out?..guess it's not my last word!


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 12:22:31 PDT

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From: Patricia Knott <>

I hope that Sharon's post puts an end to this discussion.

 And I hope not. Debate is healthy whether it's Nostradamus or anything
else. So are different views. To stifle them is to lead to ignorance or
distruction.....small or severe.

When thousands of lives are lost and millions grieve for them who the heck
cares about some ancient who hasn't been able to prevent any of this...none
of this will ease the pain of the children and spouses left with the
aloneness they will now have to face.

Oh...most definitely NOT. I understand that you are obviously
we ALL are. You are not alone by any means!! There IS a point where you can
become so morose in your grieving that you lose yourself to mental disabling
and you have to step back and find other alternatives to ponder...if only to
break the syndrome of the all absorbing news-watching for mental well being.
You can STILL grieve and think at the same time.

What is to come is in the hands and the judgements of the alive. What is to
come is in the hands of all the "gods" believed in.'re saying only the "gods" have control of the future...that man
can not influence the outcome? Remember....that's YOUR viewpoint and that's
what I've been discussing here. There are other thoughts out there and they
should be respected.

Please, there is already so much nonsense going on around , speculations and
false information, accusations and worst of all unreasonable solutions.
Please let us concentrate on what we do best -- being teachers to young

And don't you want your children's minds to know that there are other
answers out there besides your own? Don't you want them to think with

If there is any prediction out there to question it is why some FBI agents
in certain parts of the country "suspected" and there was not the manpower
to investigate their suspicions. There were failures in our system that may
have prevented this. Correcting those failures is where our energy should

I most heartedly agree!

 ....But our obligation is to process the lessons and make wise choices.

Absolutely...and my theme is your last three words..."make wise choices" and
you do that by researching alternatives before making a decision.

I'd rather have you all reading the Constitution right now, than

That is not the issue here in this debate of Nostradamus.

When so much has crumpled in rubble -- what is it that we hold as concrete?

Looks like the only thing "concrete" we can hold onto is personal thoughts
and ideas. We can't stifle them with ignorance or uninvolvement on our part
in being too lazy to find out as much as we can about the world around us.
Soooooo...research, knowledge, and respectful debate are extremely healthy
and necessary for us all to survive!