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RE: Nostradamus--sorted out?


From: Berg, Renee (Renee.Berg_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 12:10:48 PDT

Patty, I'm almost scared to jump in to this discussion. In reference to your
question,What is it that we hold concrete? and what should we be reading.
Since this is a friendly debate, I would like to suggest holding onto and
reading the Bible. My preference is the idea that God is concrete and never
changing. In times like these we ask ourselves is God in control? Why did he
let this happen? I believe he is God who is sovereign, but allows all humans
freedom of choice and action.In the book Habakkuk, we read that Habakkuk has
some of the same thoughts as us after experiencing something like what we
did this week.God tells him that He is in control and that you will be
amazed at how He will be glorified by what comes of this tragedy. I read
someone's response on this list that said I found myself praying, and was
surprised because I am not a Christian. I feel we need to ask ourselves, if
the end of your earthly life was today, as it was for many people this week,
would you be with Christ today? What is your purpose for living? What do you
hold to be concrete? I was asked what my purpose in life was during a job
interview for an art position in a large public school last year. What would
your answer have been? God bless Bergie
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From: Patricia Knott []
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 1:02 PM
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Subject: Nostradamus--sorted out?

> Just once, we'd like someone to tell us what one of Nostradamus'
> means in advance of the event it supposedly describes. If Nostradamus was
> a great seer, then why is it that not one person in the world was able to
> decipher his warning in time to prevent the horrors of 11 September 2001?
If I
> didn't have to explain what my "prophecies" meant until after the events
> supposedly predicted had occurred, I'm sure I could manage a pretty
> record for accuracy too.

I would like to hear similar from any of the "predictors."

I hope that Sharon's post puts an end to this discussion.

When thousands of lives are lost and millions grieve for them who the heck
cares about some ancient who hasn't been able to prevent any of this.

What is to come is in the hands and the judgements of the alive. What is to
come is in the hands of all the "gods" believed in.

Perhaps some get comfort at these "look backs"
none of this will ease the pain of the children and spouses left with the
aloneness they will now have to face.

Please, there is already so much nonsense going on around , speculations and
false information, accusations and worst of all unreasonable solutions.
Please let us concentrate on what we do best -- being teachers to young

If there is any prediction out there to question it is why some FBI agents
in certain parts of the country "suspected" and there was not the manpower
to investigate their suspicions. There were failures in our system that may
have prevented this. Correcting those failures is where our energy should

Larry pointed out how easy it is to manipulate and make conclusions.

Let us put this to rest and concentrate on the job at hand. God forbid that
500 hundred years from now people will sit around and speculate about how we
failed to heed a warning.

I recognize that emotions and anger and all kinds of feelings are running
high and probably just as elusive to adults as the children. But our
obligation is to process the lessons and make wise choices.

I think maybe in the backs of all of our minds we may have been waiting for
something like this to happen. It has.
And the backs of our minds try to make something reasonable from something
that is not.

Everybody in this country has a big job to do. We need to consider all we
stand for - and stand for it - with all of the questions about what may need
to be sacrificed and how much we are willing to sacrifice.

I'd rather have you all reading the Constitution right now, than

When so much has crumpled in rubble -- what is it that we hold as concrete?