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Nostradamus-my last word...honest!


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 11:27:58 PDT

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For starters, I consider myself to be very open-minded, with what I hope is
a balanced mix of skepticism and intuitive trust of "gut feelings."

I've found some info on the website below that MAY offer a little
clarification re: just what was actually written by Nostradamus and when.
At this point I won't say that this stuff IS true or that it isn't. What I
*do* know, however, is that on this list we need to try to maintain the
ability to RESPECTFULLY disagree with each other, if differences arise.
Tempers are short, nerves are taut--I understand that--been there, done
that, DOING that.... But let's not take it out on each other, okay folks?

Taken from:

Personally...I don't think there has been any disrespect concerning the item
of Nostradamus...other than someone making fun of others. I feel that the
openness of this discussion is healthy when there is research out there to
be discovered and debated.

Sharon...I do take issue that the ONLY website you offered is one that says
this is a hoax. What about the other 80% that say it's true...when you're
using the ORIGINAL words he wrote? Where's the "fairness" of presenting only
one view? That's my point I'm trying to make to a few of you. Others are
getting my drift by the personal responses. You can get a skewered
point-of-view by looking at only one or two sources so my only request
(which I seem to be continuously doing lately) is do more research than
cashing in on one written item.

I'm thinking that even this little debate can be put into a much bigger
picture frame by looking around us today; that there are different
points-of-view about our ethnicities, outlooks, cultures, and to make peace
work, we have to take all these points-of-view and make them gel with a
healthy mix of all. Debate is a good thing. Not talking is a bad thing and
can eventually lead to war.

Whoa...I've kinda gone into a tangent here but as I re-read it, in some
strange way it does make a bit of sense. Don't get into a "skewered outlook
of one point-of-view"...and I say that to myself as well as to you.