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Re: Bomb the...


From: Ann Carolan (acarolan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 10:36:51 PDT

This is guerrilla warfare, make no mistake about it. We are not fighting a
20th century battle in which the army represents a country; we do not know
their faces, as Bush indicated; we cannot identify their land on a map.
They communicate via encryped email. They have no mailing address and move
like nomads throughout the world; loosely strung together through a false,
twisted, ideology, a fake perverted mockery of religion. Decent devoted
Muslims will have nothing to do with them. Omar bin Laden appears to be
their prophet and leader, rewriting the Koran by manipulating legitimate
authors, writers, and educators much like Hitler did, to capture the souls
of his cult, his knife-wielding merchant killers.

I suggest you type in "Frontline" or "Omar Bin Laden" in your browser and
learn about the terrorist tactics of this man. He is hard to find because
he has many friends in many countries, is related to a family who has
financial ties in many governments (including the UK, the Sudan, France,
Switzerland, as well as every Arab nation on the map and not on the map).
The large network of bin Laden family members have helped many countries
build, rebuild, and finance infrastructures and financial institutions
(including the rebuilding of Kuwait! Some of them and Saudi Arabia are not
happy with their brother's fundamentalist terrorist deceptive violent
secretive destructive tactics. Saudi Arabia exiled him, froze his assets,
publicly denounced his activity and tried to eliminate him. I'm sure he
has a long list of enemies. Yet, he continues to elude everyone. He has
made many friends, and may still be supported by a few family members. So
your suggestion to bomb "them???" concerns me. Who shall we bomb?
Afghanistan women and children? Or nuclear-capable Pakistan wherein he has
some friends, but is not highly regarded by the government or people.
Clinton has already tried to take him out in his Afghanistan training
camps where he is surrounded by sympathizers because he led the fight
against the Soviet invaders from these bunkers. Clinton failed and raised
the ire of Moslems and many nations. Public opinion following the attempt
was at a world low. Do we know where "they" are? And if we bomb
indiscriminately with nukes, killing even more people than died in the
WTC, will that stir the Arab world to pull together in response under a
banner of religious right???

Historically, the facts are that Saddam Hussein and Omar bin Laden are not
friends or cohorts, but could such an event bond them together? In fact,
bin Laden plotted to attack Iraq because he suspected an invasion of Saudi
Arabia. To his surprise, when Saddam made his move against Kuwait towards
the Saudis, America swept into Kuwait. He was thwarted in his effort to
become a national hero, but, recognized for being a "prophet".

This is so complex. There are many groups. A Saudi who is training in
Florida, may not necessarily be a nationalist; more than likely does NOT
have any ties to authority.
Let's be careful, stop and think. Be smart, be crafty and wily as a fox.
Do it right. Don't hurt the innocent for that's what he has (allegedly
through his ideology and training camps) done in spades. I do not want to
lower this nation to such foolish, indiscriminate, actions. Let us take
advantage of world sympathy at the moment and act in concert with the rest
of the civilized world who, I BELIEVE, CAN AND WILL ACT AGAINST INSANE